Saturday, August 31, 2013

Scotland, Rain, Oban, Rain, Loch Ness, Rain, Castle Uquahart, Rain....

Dear Family & Friends,

Thank you for all your emails last night suggesting we ride south to warmer and dryer weather.. That is really the responsible thing to do.... So that is why  today we rode north east instead.. Further north but towards the east where is is supposed to be dryer... Well they lied.
We got up this morning and rode into the town of Oban, Scotland. A small quaint fishing village and tourist town.. We spent an hour or so walking around and trying to find souvenirs for our families... My problem is that I have been to the UK  so many times there is absolutely nothing left to bring home to my family that they have not gotten twice over already. Certainly no more Scottish woolens!
The weather in Oban was beautiful and the sky reasonably clear so we decided to spend a few more days in Scotland. We came so far we hated to give up now. The weather report said 9 days of rain on the west coast but the east side was more reasonable so off we went! At first the weather was perfect, cool and dry. The roads were all wet so the storms must have been just clearing out... we thought.
Well this is Scotland and what they say about the weather changing every ten minutes is absolutely true! Rain, clear, clouds, clear, rain, repeat...  So dramatic were the changes at one point is was pouring heavy rain and we went around a small bend in the road and it was sunny and dry like it never had seen rain... all in the space of 50 yards or so!
Never the less today was FUN! The roads were perfect twisty motorcycling roads, the traffic not to bad, and even though it was raining we dressed right for it and stayed dry. Also even though it rained off and on all day the clouds were high so we could see some spectacular landscapes. 
Eventually we rode the entire length of Loch Ness ( I even got a good photo of Nessy the monster, see it on my blog!). Along the way we stopped at Castle Urquhart, a 13th century castle with a lot of history.. Beautiful views of the castle and the lake. 
After the castle we had about a half hour ride to the next town where we would stay.. At least the last half hour the weather was great so we did not end the day on a sour note... all smiles..
This evening we ended up in Inverness Scotland... I have a real hankering for some Chinese food tonight and I hear their Haggis Chop Suey is to die for...
All and all a great day...
My crankiness is gone and I am excited to ride again tomorrow..
Great motorcycling and sports car roads in Scotland!

It rained off and on all day but Duane was Mr. Happy with his water proof riding suite on!

The first new Jaguar F type I have seen on the road.. In Scotland registered in Germany.

Castle Uquhart, built in the 13th century. Did I mention this country is OLD!!

Lord Leib overlooking his castle. Needs a bit of work

These stairs were NOT designed for my size 13 motorcycle boots!

Rain one minute, sunny the next..

See the currents in the water?? Stair at them for about 10 minutes and you can see the Loch Ness monster just below the surface! National Enquirer is buying this photo from me!

Duane will be out in 5-7 months.. they don't like noisey Buells.

I laughed at Daune so they gave me 6-8 months!

The first air mail system... They would strap a large boulder with mail wrapped around it and send it flying over Loch Ness to the people on the other side!

The inside of the old in we stayed at in Oban..

See, the weather looked good this morning....

That was sunny blue sky at 10 am this morning, 30 minutes later pouring rain..

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