Friday, August 9, 2013

Getting lost, Duane's Performance anxiety, and a beautiful afternoon in Milan.....

Dear Family & Friends,

What started out this morning as a simple 1 hour ride to Milan turned into a three hour marathon...  Duane was leading with his trusty GPS and some how continued to get us lost. Now a GPS is a great help in Europe but it does have it's limitations... First it gives you accurate names of the streets to turn on, but that is of little use since in Italy they rarely install street signs.... The routing screen is accurate until you come to an intersection that combines several "round a bouts" and cross overs, and junctions.... Suddenly your GPS screen looks like someone spilled a bowl of spaghetti on the screen and you have to instantly figure out which " noodle " to follow. So a general sense of direction is a big help. After following Duane for two hours and instinctively knowing we were heading in the general wrong direction I started flashing lights, honking my horn, and finally gave up trying to get Duane's attention. I just stopped and pulled over and waited 20 minutes until he noticed I was not there and he came back looking for me. When he arrived I demanded that he turn off his GPS and follow ME!
So we gas upped and Duane started to check his oil... Now if you have followed my previous trip reports you would know on our trip to Alaska Duane went to check his oil level and it turned into an oil spill that rivaled the Valdez spill. So when he started in on the process I quickly got my camera out to document the event. It seems once he saw the camera he decided the oil level was certainly fine and did not need checking... looked to my like some performance anxiety....
Once I took over the lead we went directly to downtown Milan and checked into our hotel. After a bit of clean up and rest we headed to Piazza Dumo. The home of some amazing architecture of churches, buildings and female.
We spent several hours walking around totally impressed and taking photos. After that we relaxed at a side walk cafe and had our evening wine and some great Italian food..
Tomorrow it is off to Lake Como!

 Once the camera came out it seems the oil level was fine without even checking it.....
 The Duomo Church

 Stunning architecture wherever you look!
 The Duomo Piazza

 Unfortunately American culture trashing such a beautiful place... :(

 "Father Duane" offering a blessing at the Duomo Church....

 I think Duane found "god" today....

 OK I had to get one little blessing in,,,, it felt good.. :)

 Kind of gross seeing human mummies laying there slowly rotting away... :(

 This statue was supposed to inspire you into religious thought, personally he looked like a villain from Star Wars!
 I am not sure what she was trying to inspire, but it worked...

The clothing fashion in Milan is amazing but so small! There was absolutely nothing in my size. These pants were so tight one of my legs would not fit the waste!

 Italian Women,,, from the same country that brings you Ferraris.. See the connection? Passion.

 That was one ugly baby!!

 The Church of Fast Car is Duomo Piazza.....

 I am not sure what seven dwarfs have to do with Love Therapy?
 I would hate to be a bra salesman in Italy....

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