Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Great Roads of San Luis Obispo County... Fun on a Motorcycle or Sports Car.

I have lived in the Central California coast area for over 45 years and I still appreciate what a great area I live in. If you enjoy driving wether on a motorcycle or a good sports car this area has endless miles of beautiful and challenging roads. Here is a small sample of my riding spots lately..

Looking down from the hills about Caucus. Under those clouds is the Pacific ocean..

It is amazing how green California gets when we get a bit of rain..

A great rest stop, the Cold Springs Tavern. I have been going here since I was a toddler! My father used to bring me here. It was originally a stage coach stop built in the 1800s!

Cozy warm interior with a real fire going.

Nothing better to warm up a motorcyclist on a cold winter day, some good red California wine and chili with cheese and onions.. :)

Great roads that challenge a rider to push it a bit... ;) When I started riding motorcycles I was a teenager. I thought by 30 I would be to old to ride anymore.. I could have never imagined still riding a sport bike in a sporting fashion at 65!
I could have also never imagine how good motorcycles have gotten. Lightyears better and safer than when I started riding.... does that make me sound old??

A beautiful traditional California farm house.

An old church that is now a winery.. A good conversion.. :)

Beautiful downtown Sisquoc...

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A New Addition to the Collection.... 1966 Velocette Thruxton

The Velocette motorcycle company is an old, high quality British manufacture of motorcycles. Best known for 500cc singles of various sporting tunes. The epitome of the brand was the Thruxton. A higher tuned engine putting out 42HP, performance front brake, and sporty seat and clip ons.. 
The name Thruxton comes from the famous motorcycle races held at the Thruxton Circuit in England. This model was designed to be a motorcycle you could ride on the street to the race circuit, then race it and win..
The last Velocette was built in 1970 when technology simply passed the company by.
By today's standards they are not fast, but still a joy to ride. Great handling and the smooth, relaxing power of a big British single..

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