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My Home, San Luis Obispo, California

Dear Family & Friends, I have lived in San Luis Obispo since 1969. I truly love where I live. Lately I have been going down town early in the morning and walking to get some exercise. The nice thing about walking at that time is the the town is quiet, the light is good, and you pay more attention to what is around you. So I have been taking photos of local landmarks to share with you. Hopefully some day you will come to SLO and I can show you around. Jason Our good friends Kim and Becky joined Bonnie and I for a local fund raiser. Notice the nice weather? This is the middle of December. Do you need any other reason to live here?? I thought I would include this photo of me by my Vincent motorcycle parked in front of the local SLO Mission. This was another fun raiser I organize. Those of you who know me or follow me on Facebook know that every morning I go to the local coffee shop and meet a great group of friends and we talk about cars, motorcycles, politics, friends, weather, or wh