Tuesday, March 15, 2022

A Few Days in the Exciting city of Seattle, Washington

 Seattle Washington is an exciting and fun city. My wife Bonnie and I had an opportunity to spend a few days wandering out the city sight seeing. It was our first get away in a long time and we enjoyed it! Here are a few photos of the city. Hope you enjoy them.

Nothing like a big city at night with beautiful lighting everywhere.

We heard about a wonderful restaurant named The Pink Door. We walked by it several times since there was no signs outside. Then we recognized a pink door!

Once inside the place was elengently decorated and had terrific food. We highly recommend it.

Next day we spent exploring the Pike Market on the Seattle waterfront. A fun place to sight see, shop, and eat seafood.. Also good for wild pig riding.

Lots of arts and crafts.

OK a little bit of X rated shopping too.

All sorts of food markets.

Any kind of sausage you can think of.

We always stop here to add to our spice collection. An amazing assortment.

I love crab but not at $100 per pound!

My kind of store.. 

This is the worlds first Starbucks.. for better or worse.

This is the Space Needle built for the 1962 Seattle's World's Fair. I visited this in 1962 with my family. Nice to see it again.

Next stop was the Chahuly Glass museum. My wife Bonnie is a glass artist and loves this place. I really enjoyed it too. Amazing what can be done with glass.

Heading home after an exhaust trip.. :)

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