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San Miguel Allende, 700 miles and we have made it! My

Dear Family & Friends, What an amazing trip so far.. Lots of challenges, surprises, fun, and culture… One of the biggest surprises of the trip is how well Bonnie is doing on a fairly challenging motorcycle trip.. For her first time she is amazing everyone! From the minute we left she has been excited, happy, smiling, and willing to try it all. Nothing has fazed her and for a first ride there has been a lot. First 700 miles in three days is a lot for a person that has never ridden 10 miles.. Then we have met unusual cold, rain, floods and mud, innumerable pot holes, and some really NASTY big city traffic. One day it was a long ride and our guide got lost. 10 hours on the road, arriving in bad traffic and getting lost so we didn’t arrive until 7:30PM. Through all that she has remained calm, smiling, and positive. When the rest of the group found out this was her first ride she got a standing ovation! Kim and Becky coined a new knick name for her,,,, “Bonnie Zen” because she is