Friday, December 16, 2016

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How I Did it.. Interview with CarsYeah!

Me with my wife Bonnie, my life partner and soul mate and some other "Jay"..

Dear Family and Friends,

Recently I was contacted by an automotive website called CarsYeah! to do an interview. Basically I was asked questions about my automotive career and how I did it. I you want to know more about how I started in the automotive field and XKs Unlimited please follow this link to the interview.
Cars Yeah! Interview with Jason Len

Monday, November 28, 2016

One last week in London..

After a great eight week ride around Europe I met my wife in London for a week of exploring my favorite city!
One last passing over the English channel. A beautiful day..

Saying good bye to my motorcycle, on its way home after a long 6000 mile ride..

London humor

A lack of taste even happens in London...

Got a visit in to the London Classic Car show... :)

No visit to London is complete with a stop at The Ace Cafe.

The Ace was decorated for Halloween, an odd addition , a headstone from a London Rabbi.

This was exciting, a London theater featuring a Harold Pinter play. My dad's mom was a Pinter and was related to Harold..

Even found a Cafe Racer motorcycle show in London to attend.. Lucky me!

A little bit of home in London.

A monument in Hyde Park

Speakers Corner in Hyde Park where you find speakers talking about anything from religion, to politics, to the absurd. All good fun.. A group of Muslims hopefully not promoting anything to extreme.

A London icon, Picadilly Circus.

Covent Gardens, even I enjoy shopping there.

Love that face! Have a great lunch at Borough's Market. A great place to visit.

London is an amazing combination of old and new.

Shopping at Harrods..

Checking out a classic car auction at Bonham's Auction house near Oxford Circus.

A traditional Victorian interior

Even got a great musical in. Saw Motown, the history of such great music!!

Some British humor regarding our election...

Checking out the antiques at Portobello Rd.

Checking out a car show for pre 1905 cars in honor of the London to Brighton run.

Trying out a new Triumph! I want one!! ;)

Taking in some culture at the British National Art Museum.

I think the sign was a bit to late.. 

Visiting the Kenwood House.. Nice library room..

The Story of my V12 XK120 FHC,,,, start to finish~

This was by far the hardest project I have ever done from the frame up! I started with a rusty bare body. It was completely rebuilt with ext...