Monday, July 31, 2023

 I was lucky enough to own and operate a successful restoration company for 46 years. Over that time we restored hundreds of cars for customers, built many custom cars, built and raced many race cars, and even restored many classic motorcycles! 

Unlike many so called restoration shops we were a full service shop that had our own engine building division, body shop that could fabricate a full E Type body if necessary, our own machine shop, cylinder head machine shop, upholstery shop, and a full fabrication shop.

Here are few samples. 



This is a very special car I built. I started with a V12 series 3 2+2 coupe that I cut and shortened and trimmed to look like a series 1. It also has MANY performance modifications. The car is now owned by Jay Leno

This was an Austin Healey 3000 we restored. The owner won shows all over the USA and England!

A VERY fast 911 resto-mod I built. Wish I still had it.

We offered the absolute best Jaguar cylinder head rebuilding service found anywhere!

The new website is

The Story of my V12 XK120 FHC,,,, start to finish~

This was by far the hardest project I have ever done from the frame up! I started with a rusty bare body. It was completely rebuilt with ext...