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Sometimes a short trip can be just perfect. This weekend a good friend of mine, Jeff Koskie and I rode our motorcycles overnight from SLO to Willow Springs Raceway for the annual AHMRA vintage motorcycle races. The weather was perfect for riding, the roads we took were virtually all back roads with little traffic and Jeff is a very competent rider so he was fun to ride with. (Did I mention he was a professional motorcycle rider so slightly more than competent.. ;)) One rule of motorcycle trips is when men get on the road unsupervised they tend to eat somewhat less than healthy.. So a weekend of burgers, Mexican food, corned beef hash and other non American Heart Assoc.  recommended delights were the rule of the day.  The races are fun for several reasons.. First I love old motorcycles so a day of seeing vintage motorcycles racing is great. Second they have a nice motorcycle show and swap meet which is always fun. And third being in this hobby all my life I have many friends that I

A Very Special XK120 Built by XKs Unlimited

LT-1 Jaguar I have always been a life long Jaguar enthusiast and frustrated car designer. It has been my goal for a while to build my own car from scratch. I thought this would be the best way to combine both my passions. Build a semi-modern sports car with basic Jaguar components and style it to look like a Jaguar. The Jaguar factory built a few light weight alloy racing bodies for the XK120 chassis which I thought would be a good basis for my car. I started with a basic LT-1 body shape and added details to it that I liked. The side exhaust, the head fairing, the extra air opening in the front gave it a more aggressive look. Then I started designing the chassis. The basic structure is loosely based on a C Type chassis but much stiffer and with modern all independent suspension both front and rear. The rear uses a Halibrand style quick change differential with E Type axles and up rights. After that the rest of the suspension was custom fabricated by XKs Unlimited. In the fro