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Scotland, Rain, Oban, Rain, Loch Ness, Rain, Castle Uquahart, Rain....

Dear Family & Friends, Thank you for all your emails last night suggesting we ride south to warmer and dryer weather.. That is really the responsible thing to do.... So that is   why   today we rode north east instead.. Further north but towards the east where is is supposed to be dryer... Well they lied. We got up this morning and rode into the town of Oban, Scotland. A small quaint fishing village and tourist town.. We spent an hour or so walking around and trying to find souvenirs for our families... My problem is that I have been to the UK  so many times there is absolutely nothing left to bring home to my family that they have not gotten twice over already. Certainly no more Scottish woolens! The weather  i n Oban was beautiful and the sky reasonably clear so we decided to spend a few more days in Scotland. We came so far we hated to give up now. The weather report said 9 days of rain on the west coast but the east side was more reasonable so off we went! At first the

Cold, wet, and cranky

Cold, wet, tired, and cranky... a long day of riding in the rain... At least we have a nice room in an old Scottish hotel..

Scotland, Castles, and Port PatrickA stop

I have been on many long motorcycle trips and there is always a point after say four weeks and  4000 miles where you get tired, the ride that day was not that good and you just say to yourself  "what the hell am I doing here??" But I have learned to ignore that feeling because all it takes is one perfect day like today and it brings back all the enthusiasm for the trip…… Today we got up excited to finally see Scotland. We had heard so many good things about it.. We left the town we stayed in and I explained to Duane we needed to ride north on the M6 freeway for a short bit and we would be in Scotland… I explained once we reached the center of town it would be sign posted. Duane took off into the lead. With in five minutes we came to an intersection that was sign posted "M6 North" straight ahead and if that wasn't enough right in front of us on the street where we stopped were 5 foot white letters painted onto the road saying "M6N" with an arrow stra