Saturday, August 10, 2013

Off to Lake Como and Diner with George......

Dear Family & Friends,
Today we left Milan after a very enjoyable visit. I decided to lead this time because I was tired of Duane getting us lost..... so I only made three wrong turns and got us lost all on my own!!... :( ,but we did make it. My excuse is in the big city the tall buildings block the GPS signal ... that's my excuse and I am sticking to it! The ride to Lake Como is actually very easy. Less than an hour up an easy road, no highways... It is amazing that you can start in a large city like Milan that is the vibrant center of culture and style and in less than an hour be in a small gorgeous village at the base of the Alps staying in a world class hotel literally right down the street from George Clooney... 
We spent the afternoon exploring the town and then went back to our rooms to get cleaned up for dinner. I hope we can get in, this place is FANCY and all we have motorcycling clothes.....
We are going to meet George at 8pm for dinner and make a new friend..... Now you really didn't think it was dinner with George Clooney, did you???
The nice thing about traveling is meeting new people and I met a Swiss Jaguar restorer and motorcyclist through my business and Facebook. His name is George Donni. He kindly made us reservations at this fabulous hotel and came down to spend the night here with us. This evening we went out for a great meal and lots of wine, and it sealed the friendship!
Tomorrow he is going to be our guide over the Alps for two days along the world famous Stilveo Pass and other scenic routes he knows.... No highways or tunnels just constant switchbacks and stunning views. Should have some great photos to post. Tomorrow night we are staying at the top of the Alps so there may be no internet so don't worry if you do not hear from me...
Should be a lot of fun. 


Our hotel, who says motorcycling has to be roughing it?
An arts and crafts fair right behind our hotel over looking the lake..
George's Villa right around the corner from us..
Fresh made olives, cheeses, and sasauges!! MMMMMM

Proof we rode our motorcycles here..

Classic cars all over town. This is the location for the larges concourse in Europe, would love to come back and see it..

These are private homes, or villas. A nice weekend get away...

A great area for motorcycle riding and get way to the Alps..

Our new friend and tour guide, Georg Donni. A Swiss gentleman who is a very nice man that is a Jaguar enthusiast, motorcyclist, and speaks 6 languages! A great meal and lots of wine sealed the friendship..
This is George Clooney's villa. Obviously he did not get the word we were in town because I never got a call with an invite to come over... :(

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