Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ciao da Firenze ( Hello from Florence!)

We hate to be wimps but it is just to hot here! We arrived at 6pm and it was still 104 out! So we decided to walk around late in the evening when it was only 90 out and take a few photos. Not the best quality. Tomorrow we are going to head north as fast as possible to find some cool weather. We will make to stops at the air conditioned Ducati Museum and the Ferrari Museum and then hight tail it to Lake Como where it is 20+ degrees cooler! Maybe George will invite us over for a swim and dinner.
Here are a few so so pictures of Florence at night...I definitely want to come back here again.. with Bonnie in a cooler time of the year. Would be very romantic...

 Look Bonnie, I found that perfect gift you have been wanting!! :)
 Something kinky going on in there... ;)

 A large bottle of great Italian wine and there is a smile back on Duane's face!
 Trying to look cool on a very hot night in grubby motorcycle clothes....

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