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Another day in Death Valley

Dear Family & Friends, We had wonderful day today just riding around Death Valley site seeing on a beautiful clear day. Who could ask for more? After a good nights sleep we went out to breakfast . After three days riding together I finally remembered everyone's names, Duane, Brian, John, Mark, and Don. At breakfast one of the guys said he didn't sleep well because he missed the sound of his wife snoring..... I'm not going to say who since most of the wives read this blog. I'm going to keep them guessing☺️. All I'll say is it's not me. My wife does not snore. When she sleeps she makes a sound similar to the most beautiful exotic bird you can imagine....😉 After breakfast we rode down to a ghost town and took a few more photos. From we rode to the Furnace Creek museum and visitor's center where we saw the most amazing collection of refrigerator magnets, stickers, and T shirts. From there we rode about 40 minutes south to Bad Water, named