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Distinguished Gentlemen's Motorcycle Charity Ride

Every year all over the world over 13,000 riders dress in their best and ride to raise money for prostate cancer research. This year the event came to SLO and I joined in. My goal was to raise $1000 but due to the generosity of my friends I raised over $1800! We gathered early Sunday morning and rode about 100 miles. We made several stops and when crowds gathered around to see gentlemen riding motorcycles we handed out cards about prostate health.... I am sure they were excited to get that.  We finished about noon in San Luis Obispo at the Side Car Restaurant.. fitting, huh? Made lots of new friends and my riding buddy Duane and I had another good adventure! One of the goals of this event is to improve the "image" of motorcyclists so we dress in our Sunday best. I have to say I clean up well for a mechanic! My motorcycling buddy Duane. We have ridden to the Arctic Circle together, down to almost Mexico City, and all over Europe and the UK but riding in my sidec

Porsche Rennsport Reunion 2015 Laguna Seca Raceway

 This is one of the largest gatherings of Porsches and Porsche enthusiasts in the world. From the oldest to the newest. On display and racing. A fun day of cars, sun, and good noises.. One of the all time great race cars,,, the 917 The newest Bad Ass Caymen GT... Front the oldest to the newest.. Half Porsche, half Legos... What a combination?? Virtually every Porsche race car ever built was on display.. This is a totally amazing Porsche Speedster REPLICA! You really have to look hard to know it is a replica! A Porsche "POOPER".... A British Cooper chassis with a Porsche motor.. Great name. Off Road Anyone? How did this Ferrari get in here?? Something is seriously wrong here... A British Racing Green Porsche?? Now I know the end of the world is near... Care for a 356?? This was an amaz