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A Trip to the 2016 Quail Motorcycle Show...

Dear Family & Friends, Just got back from a wonderful motorcycle ride up and down Hwy 1 to Carmel California for The Quail Motorcycle Show, This event has been going on for about 8 years and really has become a world class event. I rode up Friday with a group of my motorcycle friends.  Riding a motorcycle up Hwy 1 is about my favorite activity to do with wheels. I have ridden all over the world and I have never been on a better road than Hwy 1 for spectacular views and a fun, twisty road. One of the things I love about riding my motorcycle is it is one of the few activities I can still do at 65 as I did at 25 and still enjoy it as much! Friday night my wife Bonnie met me in Monterey and a group of us went out for dinner.  Saturday I spent the day looking at an amazing collection of classic, modern, and custom motorcycle. Also saw a lot of old friends.  Over the years I have sold hundreds and hundreds of motorcycles. At events like this I usually run into someone I sol