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The End of an 8 week, 6000 mile Motorcycle Adventure.

Dear Family & Friends, This report will be short and sweet... Our adventure is over! We are back in London safe and sound and very tired.... It was a long day riding from Bruges, Belgium to London including some extremely dense fog, a ferry crossing the English channel, and a couple of navigational mistakes on my part that caused us to once  again ride across London on surface streets. (Something we both promised we would never do again after the last time we did it three years ago!) 8 weeks and 6000 miles on a motorcycle in all sorts of weather is tiring. It has been a great experience and I enjoyed sharing it with Kim and Duane. Our motorcycles were picked up by the shippers today and are on their way back to California. Sunday Duane heads to the airport to fly home Monday. Sunday night my lovely wife arrives in London for a fun week together and then we are home on the 7th of November, Just in time to miss all the election noise. I think I may write on more introsp

Hello from Bruges, Belgium.OThe T

Dear Family & Friends, Our adventure is almost complete but still lots of fun and surprises….. After saying good bye to our gracious hosts Merielle and Rudy and I gave my lovely wife a big hub and kiss we took off. The morning was cool but no rain and it looked much clearer than yesterday. We could actually see blue sky. We rode about 5 minutes and immediately ran into a THICK blanket of fog.. I slowed way down, turned on the four way flashers and cautiously continued on. After about 30 minutes of fog the sky slowly started to clear and in two hours we arrived in Bruges, Belgium to beautiful clear blue sky! What a delight. I think we going to finish our trip with no more rain! When we arrived in bruges we checked  into  our hotel in a small  out cover along a canal. The young man at the desk was so impressed to see old men on motorcycles he invited us to park our bikes on the patio right in front of the hotel! :) So many people kept telling me we must see Bruges..