Saturday, October 8, 2016

Karma is a Bitch.

Saturday’s Follow Up Report, or Karma is a Bitch

Dear Family & Friends,

After I wrote the last report this morning we met for a quick breakfast and an early start to what was supposed to be a short ride of two hours and an afternoon in the city of Cassino.
As we met at the motorcycles I could tell something was bothering Duane, he was not his usual effervescent self. I then looked at my phone and there was an email from Duane.. After reading it I got the message that Duane was highly offended by my morning report mocking his navigational man hood. I really didn't think it was that big a deal but he took it very personally. to the point he wanted to challenge me to an arm wrestling match with his broken arm, and he was sure he would win.. I am not sure what that was supposed to prove but I declined and we took off. (What was the point? Beat a man with a broken arm or lose to a man with a broken arm. And for what??)
Our days destination was only two hours away and I had it programmed into my GPS.. Well after about an hour and a half we still had left town and many of the turns we were making we had already done several times before.. For some reason I kept missing the correct turns. I stopped and asked an elderly man for directions which he provided with a smile…..all in Italian.. Finally Duane was losing his patience with me and so was I. I could not figure out what I was doing wrong but Karma had smitten my navigational instincts. Finally I pulled out a paper map! I saw the route but couldn't figure out how to get there. There was a city that has half way there and the name sounded familiar so I programmed that in but after several wrong turns we were no closer. 
Finally in utter desperation I did what all men must learn to do… I asked the lady in the group, Kim. And of course she said “sure I saw the sign for the city just two blocks that way…”
In five minutes we were out of town, on the correct road traveling through beautiful country side and I was eating humble pie.. I am not sure but I think Daune was gloating and probably feeling better.
After about 45 minutes we were far enough in the mountains that the riding was absolutely perfect. The weather was cool but clear and the road twisted and turned through mountain passes with spectacular views and quaint villages along the way. We stopped in one very small town and had lunch.. NO one spoke English but it was a pretty simple menu. You could have anything you wanted so long as it was pasta.
Another hour and half of riding and we finally arrived at our destination. Casino, Italy. We will relax tonight and tomorrow is an easy (famous last words) two hour ride to Amalfi where we will stay for a few days and do some local rides and site seeing.
Signing out, your humbled navigator……

When all else fails, ask a woman..

There is some real enthusiasm!!

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