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Spending some time with Jay Leno!

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One last report from South America..

Dear Family & Friends, This is my final report as we head home today so for some of you it will be a relief…. We spent another day in Valparaiso Chile.. The more time we spend in Chile the more I like it.. Much warmer and interesting than Argentina. We went to a neighboring city called Vina del Mar that is the equivalent of our Newport Beach.. A very wealthy beach city..  A beautiful and prosperous area. It is the opposite of Valparaiso which is an older working class port city.. I like Valparaiso more but both are interesting in their own way. Valparaiso is built into the side of a mountain that drops right down to the Pacific Ocean.. They have a very interesting land use system… The business city is built on the very limited flat lands by the sea. Everyone lives on the side of the mountain.. To build a home first you find a vacant piece of land on the mountain side… Then you either talk to the neighbors and get their approval to build or better yet you have family th