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A 1955 Matchless Trials Motorcycle

Check out a 1955 Matchless Trials bike I recently got running...

I Need Your Help to Find a Cure for MS!!

Dear Family & Friends, I hope you have enjoyed my travel blogs. There will certainly be more to come but right now I have a serious favor to ask of you.. As some of you know MS has affected our family for the last 8 years. Because it is such a personal issue for my family  I have been actively raising money for the MS Society to help find a cure for MS. I hope you will see it you heart to make some donation to this cause. It is easy, just follow the link below. Sincerely, Jason

Just a Few More Days of Mexico....

Hola Mi Familia & Amigos! The week is just flying by now… After a few days in San Miguel Allende we take off for a ride through the rain forests of the Sierra Madres.. The first day of riding was varying from low valleys to high mountains as lush and green as any place in the Pacific Northwest except with small quaint Mexican villages. We finished the day in a colonial town of Japlan. Again a town built by the Spanish around 1700, dominated by a large classic church and town square.. We got there late in the after noon and a few of us gathered around the pool and started drinking ice cold beers… We started discussing what would tasted good with an ice cold beer and we all agreed some street tacos would hit the spot….. Suddenly Bonnie disappeared and came back 20 minutes later with 25 tacos!! Once again she was the hero of the hour and kept earning her new nick name, Bonnie Zen! After a couple of hours of beer and tacos what else could we do but walk into to town and find