Wednesday, May 29, 2013


  Goodwood Revival to Honor Clark clark
The Goodwood Revival will celebrate its 20th anniversary this September with a tribute to the career of the legendary Jim Clark.

Read more at or in the July issue of Vintage Racecar.
I will be there reporting with stories and photos... ! A friend of mine will be racing his Ford GT-40 there so I will give you first hand reports...

Monday, May 27, 2013

If you love classic cars, airplanes, British tradition and clothes you must attend the Revival.. One of the all time great classic car events. This is my 4 time going, but Duane has never been so he will be wowed! Also a good friend of mine will be there  racing his Ford GT40 so we will have an in at the event... Can't wait!

One of the great events of the weekend are all the classic WWII fighter planes there. You will never see more flying Spitfires in one place. They park them in the infield and suddenly you will hear an air raid siren and pilots in WWII flying suites run out to the planes, start them up and take off into the sky and have a mock dog fight over head with German planes that fly in from the coast. Amazing!
This is how NOT to pack for a motorcycle trip.... If you need this much gear for a trip take a bus or a cruise ship...
Here is my riding partner, Duane Lieb. We have ridden as far south as Mexico City and as far north as Chicken Alaska so we know we travel well together... 
We just dropped off our motorcycles at the shippers in L.A. An exciting day because we know this is the start of a great adventure.. Hopefully our motorcycles make it to London safe and sound and do not "disappear" into the shipping either... 
As a point of interest if you plan to ride around Europe for 2-3 weeks rent a motorcycle, if you plan a long ride like this 6-7 weeks it is far cheaper to ship your own motorcycle over. A bit of paper work involved but the savings are worth it. Feel free to email if you want the details...

Sunday, May 26, 2013

No trip to England is complete without a visit to the ACE CAFE. The Mecca of cool motorcycling and Cafe Racers. I have been here many times, but this will be my first time on a motorcycle and with a California license plate! I can hardly wait!!

August 23rd to August 26th we will be staying on the Isle of Man watching the Classic TT and Motorcycle Festival!
After the Classic TT on the Isle of Man we will spend ten days riding around Scotland and England. Here is our tentative route...

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ace Cafe

13th/14th/15th September
Entry Free

Friday 13th (from 7pm 'till late)
DJs Bill & Jimmy Guntrip

Saturday 14th (from Noon 'till late)
DJs Bill & Jimmy Guntrip & Graham Urquart

Sunday 15th (from Noon on Brighton Seafront)
DJs Bill & Jimmy Guntrip

Check out the "Programme Page"

We got an invite from Mark and Linda Wilsmore, the owners of the Ace Cafe to attend this event! Looking forward to it... There will great music and thousands of motorcycles there but I bet we will be the only ones there with California license plates! 
This is the ferry we will take from Dover, England to France.... Hope our motorcycles don't get sea sick.. :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

There are so many things to do at the Goodwood Revival Races, I certainly hope we can make it here....

Sunday, May 12, 2013

This week we delivered our motorcycles to the ocean shipper in Los Angeles.  From here they board a slow boat to London England.. August 1st we fly into London, pick the motorcycles up and then it is off on a 6 week ride of a lifetime! Of course I said that about the ride to Alaska, the ride into Central Mexico, and the ride into...... etc, etc, etc..
It is off to my next big adventure. Here is my trusty stead being shipped off to London! Starting Aug. 1st I will be riding 7 seeks across Europe, England, Scotland and the Isle of Mann. Look for future reports and photos when the trip begins...

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