Tuesday, August 16, 2016

September 5th Starts a New Adventure.....

My new travel card designed by my daughter Jessica!
Dear Followers,
On September 5th I am flying to the UK to pick up my motorcycle and start a 9 week riding adventure around Europe. Stops will include the Goodwood Revival, France, Portugal, Monaco, Italy, and who knows where else. 
Will make stops at the Lamborghini factory and Ferrari museum, ride the Amalfi Coast, visit Pompei and lots more. Look for stories and reports!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

The XKs Unlimited Story....

Click on the link below to get a full video about XKs Unlimited and see what we do there everyday.
The story of XKs Unlimited

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Another Warm Up Blog before the BIG ONE Starts!

Dear Family & Friends,

As some of you may know September 4th I am off on another 9 week motorcycle ride around Europe with my friends Duane and Kim.. 

Since it has been  few months since I have done any long rides I thought I would warm up my riding skills, my butt, and writing style by taking an 8 days ride up to Tacoma, Washington and back.. Seven days of riding and 2300 miles has certainly warmed me up for a ride.. So here goes a warm up on my reporting.
First stop of my ride was in Oakland, CA to visit my daughter Sarah.. It was a great visit..!! I miss my little girls but there are some big advantages to having adult daughters! Sarah and her roommate and I cooked a delicious  steak dinner in her backyard and polished off close to three bottles of wine. Can't do that with little girls.. Also wine is certainly a lubricator for adult conversation. Sarah is in the process of starting her own business, another Len company. I am very proud of her and love hearing her enthusiasm and ideas. She has under taken a BIG step in life and I think she is going to do great.
My next stop was Eureka, CA. to visit a great motorcycle theme cafe recommend to me by friend Clement Salavadori.

 It was a great stop. Met the owner and he certainly encouraged me to start a retirement business....now if I can only get Bonnie excited about owning a MC coffee shop.
The next day I headed over to the coast to get out of the heat and rode up the coast to central Oregon and cut in to Eugene to visit a motorcycle buddy of mine. Murph has a BMW restoration business and restored my R100S. He does great work at a reasonable cost. Unfortunately he recently ran his motorcycle into the side of truck so both his BMW and body are currently under restoration.. I hope to see him up to full speed on my next visit.
From there I rode up to Tacoma WA. to visit my cousin and attend a vintage  motorcycle show at the Lemay Auto and MC museum. I also met a friend of my cousin who seemed like a good guy and I met a friend of mine form the SLO area that was also up there at the same time. One night Kyle and I went out for some good BBQ and discussed the possibility of starting a vintage MC business together... stay tuned.
My cousin and his new girl friend and I went out for a delightful dinner. My cousin and I for some reason had little contact growing up so it has been great to get connected and talk about our lives. Our fathers were brothers and we both had very DIFFICULT fathers to say the least. It made me feel good to realize someone else went through what I went through growing up.
After Tacoma I started south again. I immediately rode west through the Washington rain forest and followed the coast south. Hwy. 101 follows the entire west coast of the USA. A great winding road that encourages sporting riding and meeting new friends.... Below is my new Washington friend..... :(

When I got stopped I tried to explain to the cop Einstein's theory of relativity.. I told him since he as parked still on a planet spinning at 24,000 miles an hour and I was moving it made me appear to be going faster than I was...... He didn't buy my BS but he did take 10MPH off the ticket for creative excuse making..
After that $105 lover note I toned down my riding style. 
The west coast is stunningly beautiful so a slower pace gave me time to take it in and take a few photos.
The coast is an interesting ride weather wise. Temperatures varied from 61 degrees to 104 degrees and many times within a few minutes depending on how close the highway was to the ocean..
After this week I am ready to ride Europe!! Stay tuned to lots of reports, first one from the Goodwood Revival!


The field behind the Lemay Automotive and MC museum. Well worth a visit if you ever get to Tacoma ,WA.

Here are some samples of the motorcycles in the show..

This is a Brough Superior SS100. The most valuable bike in the show. This bike should e work between $250,000 and $350,000 depending on history.. Lawrence of Arabia rode and died on one of these. That bike is priceless.

A great collection of classic Norton motorcycles.

CAFE RACERS have become very popular in all MC shows..

These guys are one of the oldest motorcycle stunt groups in the USA...

The guys with no costumes are apprentices, if they survive a year they get a uniforms.

Inside the Lemay Museum.

My cousin and new friends...

My "Little Cousin"... They pile it high in my family... ;)

Yaba daba doo... ;)

I grew up playing with slot cars, I would have died to have a set like this.

Tacoma is a beautiful city..

Going down the west coast on Hwy 101/1 the views are stunning!


My mighty steed... ;)

Lots of small villages along the road with great food and antiques..

Hey Bonnie, how would you like to live here??? Great views and only about 90 minutes to visit Hannah..

My dream coffee show... Ready Bonnie?? 

I much prefer these small coffee shops to chain stores. This was run by a mother and daughter. Inside it looked like someone living room.

Some good road side food.

My kind of place... great road side food. Everyone inside were locals and as friendly as could be.

My new friend.... :(

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