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September 5th Starts a New Adventure.....

My new travel card designed by my daughter Jessica! Dear Followers, On September 5th I am flying to the UK to pick up my motorcycle and start a 9 week riding adventure around Europe. Stops will include the Goodwood Revival, France, Portugal, Monaco, Italy, and who knows where else.  Will make stops at the Lamborghini factory and Ferrari museum, ride the Amalfi Coast, visit Pompei and lots more. Look for stories and reports! Jason

The XKs Unlimited Story....

Click on the link below to get a full video about XKs Unlimited and see what we do there everyday. The story of XKs Unlimited

Another Warm Up Blog before the BIG ONE Starts!

Dear Family & Friends, As some of you may know September 4th I am off on another 9 week motorcycle ride around Europe with my friends Duane and Kim..  Since it has been  few months since I have done any long rides I thought I would warm up my riding skills, my butt, and writing style by taking an 8 days ride up to Tacoma, Washington and back.. Seven days of riding and 2300 miles has certainly warmed me up for a ride.. So here goes a warm up on my reporting. First stop of my ride was in Oakland, CA to visit my daughter Sarah.. It was a great visit..!! I miss my little girls but there are some big advantages to having adult daughters! Sarah and her roommate and I cooked a delicious  steak dinner in her backyard and polished off close to three bottles of wine. Can't do that with little girls.. Also wine is certainly a lubricator for adult conversation. Sarah is in the process of starting her own business, another Len company. I am very proud of her and love hearing her enthusi