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One of the best looking sports cars of all time... Jaguar SS100


Here is a great blog on Fashion, Style, and Cars!

On the way to a class win at Willow Springs Big Bore Bash Race.....


Handling versus Horsepower.!!

Image Here is a great video showing how the superior handling of a Jaguar E Type over comes the brute horse power of a 427 Corvette. Even though the Corvette has over 300 MORE horse power than the Jag, in the end the Jaguar wins... Eventually it even passed the other Corvette and Mustang ahead of it to win the BP class race!

Off to the races!

 Dear Family & Friends, This weekend I went racing... With all that has been going on in my life it was probably not the best time but it was a race I entered 3 months ago and my wife encouraged me to go.. The one great thing about racing is you think only about one thing and all other worries and concerns are out of your head,,,, if you can't do that you are going to make mistakes and on a race track that is not a good thing. Every fall the Vintage Auto Racing Association has their fall race at Willow Springs called the Big Bore Bash because it features any car with a V-8 American engine... I like this event for several reasons.  First I really enjoy racing on that particular track. I know it well and it suites me..  Second, occasionally my little Jaguar 6 cylinder blows the doors off a few surprised V-8 drivers. It is difficult because they all have at least 100 to 200 horsepower more than me and much wider tires so I have to make it up with handling, braking, and s