Thursday, September 24, 2020

A great day to be alive in the Central Coast of California

I have lived in the central coast of California for the last 50+ years and I always feel lucky to live here. Such a diverse landscape and a coast line that matches any place on earth. For the last couple of mount highway 1 has been closed due to wild fires. Along with the fires the air was almost unbreathable due to smoke. This week the fires were under control, the smoke was gone, and the highway was open to the public so I had to take advantage of the perfect condition to go motorcycle riding!

Good friends to ride with add to a good day.

Some fire damage along the hills but not as bad as I expected. No trees or structures gone and the scrub brush that has burned will grow back quickly.

Every inch of the road has spectacular views.

A quick stop to view the sea lions sun bathing.. What a good life.

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