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Part 2 Video of our Big Mexico Motorcycle Trip.. And a Day with Jay Leno!

Victory, I am now an Experience motorcyclist.. 1600 + miles around Mexico. For the second part of our trip video click on the link below.. The THREE AMIGOS! Getting Ready for New Years.. :) We made it! Home safe and sound.. PART 2 of our Big Mexico Motorcycle Trip! A Day with Jay Leno Road Testing a very special Jaguar by XKs Unlimited!

A Video of our New Years Ride to Mexico. Thanks Becky!

A Video of our New Years Ride in Mexico  A great ride with great friends. Jason, Bonnie, Kim, and Becky. Becky is our official trip videographer!

Here is a video showing how to beat a 7liter Corvette with a 3.8 liter Jag..

How to beat a Corvette with an E Type!

And now for something completely different.....

If you like this wall clock click here to order on line... If you like this clock you can order it on line by clicking here.   Something fun to drive to work on a sunny day..... :)