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On the way!

Dear Family & Friends, Today I delivered our motorcycles to the sea freight port. Next week they are off to London. Stating September 4th my friend Duane Leib and myself will be off on another 8 week European motorcycle adventure! Start looking to regular blogs with lots of photos and stories! Jason

A Race Weekend at the Sonoma Historic Races

Dear Family & Friends, The latest news is I just completed a fun weekend of racing at the Sonoma Historic Races in Sonoma, CA. I have to admit I was quite nervous about this race..  First I hav e n't  done a race in almost three years so I was definitely feeling a bit rusty. Also this was the first event for my E Type race car in three years after a full bare body up rebuild.. After ten seasons it definitely needed  a full rebuild Unfortunately I was unable to arrange a good test day at a track before this event and there are ALWAYS issues  after  a full rebuild..... Wednesday before the event I drove my SS100 Jag up to Oakland Ca. to visit my daughter Sarah and my grandson Abel. We went to dinner and a movie and got a nice visit in. This is ALWAYS  a treat for me! The next day I had a leisurely drive up to the Sears Point Raceway. A testament to the quality of work at XKS Unlimited was the Jaguar made it through hours of stop and go  Bay area  traffic  in  90