Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Blog Report just for my Car Friends... or anyone else.

Oct. 20th Thursday

Dear Family & Friends,

This will be a quick report. For all my concern about the weather during our last week of our trip the weather has turned out to be much better than I expected. Cool, low 50s high 40s but no rain and only partly cloudy. With modern riding gear I can be warm in any temperature.
We got up early this morning and met our friend Georg and his son Robin. They took his retro Jaguar hot rod and we on our motorcycles and set out for about an hours ride to the Schlumpf museum.
A quick back story. The Schlumpf brothers were very successful Swiss business men that manufactured cloth in France and LOVED Bugattis. Unfortunately they loved the cars a bit too much. They collected the largest collection of Bugattis anywhere but bankrupted their company doing it. I also believe they spent their employees pension savings on cars, which of course the employees were not happy about..
The French government prosecuted them ( I am not sure if they avoided prison or not) and they lost their entire collection. Since then many other cars have been added to the museum and it is certainly one of the largest collection of Buggatis and other classic cars in the world. If you like cars go to my blog for LOTS of photos.
After the museum we all had lunch, said our good bye, and Georg gave us an impressive display of spinning donuts in the parking lot.
Duane and I put on all our riding gear, turned up the heated jackets and rode for about another hour to the French town of Strausborg. If is very close to Germany hence the name. We are staying right downtown in an old traditional hotel with an elevator right out of the 19th century. We are going to spend two nights here so tomorrow is a site seeing day and a bit of relaxation.
Again if you like cars go to my blog!!

PS: Here is a short video of Dune, Georg, and myself riding through the back roads of Switzerland
Riding Motorcycles through Switzerland
Entering the museum..

Castings of famous race cars.. nice touch.

A completely exposed Bugatti motor.

The motors alone are works of art.

One of the Schlumpf brothers..

Turn of the century cloth weaving machine.

These are the original wooden bucks that the Bugatti Royal boys were made on.

The only Bugatti Royal intentionally made with no head lights.. I guess just for day time fun.

The Schlumpf family collected art too. The Bugatti family had five siblings and each was very talented in various fields, car designer, sculptor, artists, painter. etc.

A huge mascot collection.

The main building alone I would covet!! Room for at least 1000 cars. You cannot take a photo that would even should 10% of it.

Nice landing.

Any wonder this brilliant design didn't catch one?? What was the thought. to save the cost of one more wheel??

Even children's car collection..

Notice the hood emblem,, this was not a VW..

This is a Ferrari 250LM. The last one I saw sold went in the $30-$40 million dollar range. This car is a one owner car with around 1500 miles on it. ALL ORIGINAL.. Almost priceless.

A room completely full of racing Bugattis. Each car is worth in the millions.

OK they're not all beautiful or great designs.

A room devoted to the history of Formula 1.

For my Porsche friends.

This is a public toilet in France.. Notice the doors.. The bathrooms are uni-sex and some how they survive it.. America has to get over its prudish behavior...

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