Sunday August 4rd another ride through France...

 We started off the morning in the most French of ways.... a fresh croissant from a local bakery in downtown Le Mans... Could be any more French with a classic 2CV parked out front?? Inside all the baked good were amazingly good and freshly baked in a large oven built right into the wall

 Today was by far the best riding day. We road about 7 hours but unfortunately we did not stop for photos.... It was all back country roads with beautiful farms, vineyards, and quaint villages. Every where we went it was spectacular. The weather was perfect too, 75 and clear.. It is Sunday so almost everything in France is closed to there was hardly any traffic. We did stop at this road side cafe and by chance the owner was a race car fan and the whole place was decorated in race car memorabilia..

How else can you finish off the day in France but with another glass of French wine at an out door cafe.. This is one tough vacation...


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