Thursday, August 1, 2013

We have made it to England!!

After a year of planning and details we are finally on our way!!

good free food, wine, internet, TV, comfy couches, etc.but it is only for first class flyers... That never discourages me.
When travelling one must always be resourceful.... We arrived at LAX only to find out our plane was three hours late so we had basically 5 hours to kill. I was travelling first class due to business connections I have and Duane was travelling coach. First class people have a private lounge with really good free food, wine, TV, internet, comfy couches, etc..
I took Duane with me to the first class lounge and when the guard stopped us I explained that my friend has "SPECIAL MEDICAL NEEDS" and I was his guardian and that he was a little slow... I was taking good care of him. The guard called down to the main desk and got permission for Duane to come into the first class lounge with me. 
I have to say Duane's acting ability was excellent. I told him to drool once in a while and look stupid and he did it perfectly. Even fooled me,,,
So we had a pleasant afternoon in the First Class Lounge..

 Three months in storage waiting for me in England, my trusty stead....
After an 11 hour flight, one hour drive, and loading up my motorcycle I am ready to ride. The bike started right up too.... it is ready to travel too.
My riding partner Duane has a serious mental condition..... after almost 20 hours of travel what is the first thing he wants to do? Clean his motorcycle of course.. ?? This is normal behavior for Duane so I should be used to it by now....

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