Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Day in Monaco!

 Proof that I road there, the tail end of my motorcycle!

 The section for the "Cheap" yachts....

 Lambos evetywhere...
 A "Russian" Built Low Rider... I guess money can't buy taste.
Even some really nice classics running around..

 Every store is a "Designer Label"! No off the shelf dribble here...

 The Grand Casino

 This was our $10 bottle of water... at least they serve it with a nice glass....

 It was so hot and this was the only shade so I managed to take one hour to drink a small bottle of water.. So at least I felt I got something for the money...

 The name is Bond, James Bond....

 This is the famous Casino Corner at the Monaco Grand Prix, image 20 race cars with 700+ horse power trying to race around this tight corner. You can still see race rubber on the inside edge..

 After losing in the casino I can at least say I did my part to build this grand place.... :(

 Those are not cruise ships, they are private yachts.. there is some serious money!
 Up on that hill over looking the bay is the Royal Palace where the Royal Family lives,,, 
As Mel Brooks once said "Its good to be the King!"

 The Monaco Grand Prix Headquarters..

 Certainly no dingy.. it is amazing what money can buy. Maybe not happiness but some awesome toys!

 These statues are called " Adam and Eve". After looking at them I see where I got my body shape from... :(
 The crystal clear Medaterranian Sea!

 Posing with a Ferrari..

 Even the rich eat McDonalds!
 See I was there!

 Dear Family and Friends,
Today we spent the day in Monaco... What can I say?? Amazing.. Nice is nice (pardon the pun) and certainly on par with State St. in Santa Barbara or Newport Beach, etc... but Monaco is beyond belief. It makes Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills look nuevo riche and down market..
The buildings are the most grand I have ever seen.. The wealth is beyond description there. Ferraris and Lambos are common and a Porsche would be considered a run about car... ( no offense to my Porsche Club friends.. )
We had to wait until 2pm for the Grand Casino to open the doors to us rift raft for a couple of hours. Unfortunately no photography allowed but when you walk in the splendor is amazing. It looks like a Louie the 14th palace inside,.... marble, gold leaf, amazing frescos everywhere.
The main casino table started at about $50 per bet (beyond my interest) the private casino bets started in the thousands.... I did manage to play the modest slot machines for 15 minutes just to say I did it.
When I left the Grand Casino you step out into a beautiful plaza.... standing there over looking all this grandeur I had to say the words...
" My name is Bond, James Bond" It felt good.... Of course then reality sets in, in my best days I never looked half as good as any James Bond, I was not a deadly spy, the women weren't chasing me, and...... I lost in the casino.. On the other hand I have a wonderful wife, success enough to take these great vacations, and four beautiful daughters... so I am rich..
Down by the bay there were two areas for the yachts to park,,,, for those that could only afford up to about $20,000,000 and then the section for the serious yachts...
While it was great to see Monaco it is VERY expensive... We sat in an out door cafe and had a small bottle of Evian water ( it was HOT today) and just that cost close to $10 each. I would only like to come back one more time to see a race here and to share the experience with the love of my life,,,, Bonnie.
Before we left we road our motorcycles around as much of the Grand Prix circuit as possible. The drivers that race there are beyond belief! When you actually see how small and tight these streets are I realized they were many pay grades above my skill level.... When we road through the tunnel that is part of the course and you realize they are hitting 200 mph in there and that it is a SMALL tunnel, they are NUTS!
From Monaco we road along the shore line cliffs for about 10 miles over looking the ocean back to our hotel.. A great ride.
Lots of photos on my blog so go take a look..
Tomorrow we ride along the coast into Italy and will spend the evening in Florence...not a bad day either..
Having way to much fun!

PS: I appreciate you all that have sent me emails pointing out my grammatical and spelling mistakes... If I could write I wouldn't be fixing cars....

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