Thursday, August 8, 2013

 We arrive at the Holy Grail of Ferraris!
 Even a Ferrari bus!
 No one could explain to me what a Lambo was doing here???
 An assortment of wind tunnel test models in half scale..
 The assortment of OEM Ferrari colors... now you know..

 The real class, a SWB 250GT...

 Duane and his hook her... The poor girl was terrified!

 Ferrari has certainly won their fair share of races....
 The sound booth with the best sounding internal combustion engines of all time!
 Want an F1 car?
 He seems to be a bit of a hero here. I guess when you win 7 world championships for Ferrari they like you....

 Not often you can take a complete top view photo of a 250 GTO ,,, still one of the best looking racing cars of all time... in my humble opinion..

 If you have to be in a wheelchair you could do worse..

 The shape of things to come..
 Luckily this prototype nose did NOT make it into production...

Dear Family and Friends,

Tonight we are in Verona, just outside Milan,... Another fun and HOT day...
First thing we rode from Florance to Bologna to see the Ducati museum... The road there went over a mountain pass and it was at least 20 degrees cooler up there so it was a great relief. Unfortunately on the other side it was another 100+ day...
As we approached the Ducati factory both Duane and I were very excited since we both own Ducatis... I had booked a factory tour and museum visit on line so I thought we were set... When we got there the place was closed for the month of August for vacation.. bummer..
Oh well the Ferrari museum was only another 1/2 hour down the road so we headed off. As soon as we left the factory we came to a traffic intersection with a car stopped and the driver's window down.. I had been told about this but I never thought it was this brazen, but there sitting right on the road side was obviously a "Hooker" dressed to the hilt, spreading her legs, and negotiating her price with the driver in front of me...!!
I could have easily passed the "John's" car but I was curious to see how it would end. From the gestures it looked like she was asking 200 Euros and he was unwilling to pay it so finally he drove off.. In the end it was really quite sad.... a woman reduced to demeaning and soul destroying work sitting out in the 100 degree sun, and the John a desperate man that cannot establish a real relationship with a woman that he must pay for love and settle for sex with a woman who has probably already been with many other men that day, and sweaty and hot, a real turn on?? :(
We rode about 45 minutes through beautiful Italian farm lands with the distinctly Italian architecture and arrived at the museum in Maranello.. even the city's name has a nice ring to it. 
We were not disappointed! The museum was open and it was spectacular... Before we even went in we went to the Ferrari Cafe and had an EXCELLENT Italian lunch.
The factory was great. Old and current production Ferraris, lots of racing Ferraris, and even prototype of future model Ferraris.. One display that was really impressive was a sound booth that you could step into and on the computer monitor you could chose what model of Ferrari you wanted to hear and what it was doing, IE: Starting up, go through the gears, top speed, down shifting... The sounds these cars make really stir the soul.
I have found so far that both the French and the Italians are elegant and passionate people, but I think the Italians have the edge where passion is concerned. Both Duane and I notice as soon as we entered into Italy you could smell it in the air, see it in the landscape, and certainly experience it when you where around the people, They were ITALIAN! God bless them... 
At the Ferrari museum they have a small air conditioned theater so Duane and I decided to watch a Ferrari movie. They were showing a documentary about all the Ferraris that have been used in movies since the 1950s. It was actually quite interesting.. About half way through the movie I heard this noise that sounded like a Ferrari missing a couple of cylinders..... I looked over and Duane was snoring!! I told this heat can wipe you out...
After the movie we walked around the museum a bit more... As Duane walked through a crowd a hook on his belt caught this cute young Italian girls belt. All of a sudden they were hooked together and she was desperately trying to free herself from Duane..( see photo in blog... :))
Tonight we are in Verona just outside Milan. Tomorrow we head up to Milan for a little sight seeing and then up into the mountains for some COOL weather. We are planning to visit Lake Como and if George (Clooney) invites us to spend a couple of night at his Villa we may stay there... If not it is off to the Stilveo Pass!

Good night to all.

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