Monday, November 28, 2016

One last week in London..

After a great eight week ride around Europe I met my wife in London for a week of exploring my favorite city!
One last passing over the English channel. A beautiful day..

Saying good bye to my motorcycle, on its way home after a long 6000 mile ride..

London humor

A lack of taste even happens in London...

Got a visit in to the London Classic Car show... :)

No visit to London is complete with a stop at The Ace Cafe.

The Ace was decorated for Halloween, an odd addition , a headstone from a London Rabbi.

This was exciting, a London theater featuring a Harold Pinter play. My dad's mom was a Pinter and was related to Harold..

Even found a Cafe Racer motorcycle show in London to attend.. Lucky me!

A little bit of home in London.

A monument in Hyde Park

Speakers Corner in Hyde Park where you find speakers talking about anything from religion, to politics, to the absurd. All good fun.. A group of Muslims hopefully not promoting anything to extreme.

A London icon, Picadilly Circus.

Covent Gardens, even I enjoy shopping there.

Love that face! Have a great lunch at Borough's Market. A great place to visit.

London is an amazing combination of old and new.

Shopping at Harrods..

Checking out a classic car auction at Bonham's Auction house near Oxford Circus.

A traditional Victorian interior

Even got a great musical in. Saw Motown, the history of such great music!!

Some British humor regarding our election...

Checking out the antiques at Portobello Rd.

Checking out a car show for pre 1905 cars in honor of the London to Brighton run.

Trying out a new Triumph! I want one!! ;)

Taking in some culture at the British National Art Museum.

I think the sign was a bit to late.. 

Visiting the Kenwood House.. Nice library room..

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