Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I never go to London without a visit to my favorite place, the ACE CAFE.. A real old timer hang out for motor heads. Every day the feature a different gathering, cafe racers, vintage motorcycles, classic cars, and today vintage military vehicles.

No matter what the specialty of the day is, there are ALWAYS interesting motorcycles at the ACE..

Not every day you see a Daimler Ferret on the road...

The ACE  CAFE is like an old timers retirement home for motorcyclist...

Nothing like a family outing in a tank.. This man was letting his young daughter drive their tank to the ACE.. It is times like this our children never forget...

The gentleman on the left is Mark Wilsmore, the owner of the ACE and a true motor head..

My wife is probably thinking, "What the hell am I doing here???"  :)

The London Motorcycle Museum is located in an old farm building inside London. It is not over done and has the feeling a biker museum should have.. The building is OLD and even the motorcycles are not over restored.

Look at the excitement in her eyes! The joy of looking at old motorcycles......no wonder I love her.. :)

No British museum is complete without some Beatle memorabilia. 

This was the "Triumph Room" with just about one of every Triumph motorcycle ever built and some cool race bikes and prototypes..

Here is an amazing home project.... some enthusiast converted his BSA triple into an overhead cam motor!! Not easy to do..

Another "project", converting a Triumph triple motor into a V-6. Certainly more than a weekend project..

The world famous Slippery Sam. Multiple winner of the Isle of Man..

Above and below is a Swallow Side Car. The Swallow company was founded in 1929 by William Lyons that went on to build cars that later became known as Jaguars....

A prototype Triumph motor,,, rather wide.

The last time clock from the original Triumph motorcycle factory..

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