Sunday, December 28, 2014


Dear Family & Friends,

You will never guess where I am this week and who I am with…. So I will tell you.
Bonnie and I are riding into central Mexico to celebrate News Years with some new friends, Kim & Becky!!
Originally this trip started out as one of my solo trips with Motodiscovery ( A great company to tour with ). Then we became friends with a terrific couple a few  years ago, Becky and Kim. I knew Kim was an avid motorcyclist so a few months ago I invited several couples that I knew who were into motorcycling over for dinner with the idea of talking them into taking this ride with me.. As usual they all started out excited and said they wanted to go, but in the end only the TRUE motorcyclist decided this was a good idea and so Kim and Becky signed up to go with me… They are a great couple whoBonnie  I really enjoy their company… After talking about this trip for a couple of months it started to pique Bonnie’s interest and all of a sudden she decide traveling on a motorcycle into Mexico wasn’t such a mad idea since two other women she knew were going so to my total surprise and excitement she signed up to go to!

Bonnie and I left December 25th for a LONG 1770 mile drive with motorcycles in tow to McAllen, Texas where the tour started . (Kim & Becky flew down to meet us). Normally driving this far in 2 1/2 days would have been extremely boring but with Bonnie along we talked the whole way. Even after 28 years of marriage I still really enjoy Bonnie’s company and we always have lots to talk about so it was a great time.. As a bonus long road trips put Bonnie in an amorous mood… :)

For weeks I had been checking the weather and it looked like it would be clear and from the Mexican boarder south it should be warm.. Well as usual you can never count on the weather..  All across Texas we ran into hail, rain, wind, snow,…… Worst of all the weather followed us all the way to the Mexican boarder.

We arrived in McAllen, Tx all excited and ready to ride hoping the following morning the weather would clear.. We had our orientation meeting and looked forward to an exciting first day in Mexico. 
Sunday morning we got up to HARD rain…:( No choice we had to ride.. Bonnie and all the ladies rode in the chase truck until the boarder ( about ten minutes away. ) After clearing customs into Mexico we were ready to ride but was it wet and cold! So to my amazement Bonnie came over to the bike and said “let’s ride! Thats what I came here to do so let’s do it!”.
This was her first long ride on a  motorcycle and wow did she have baptism under fire.. It was cold (in the 30s) hard rain, mud and floods everywhere and LOTS of traffic!! We rode about an hour and stopped for lunch.. To my amazement when I took the helmut off Bonnie she had a beautiful smile on her face, she was having fun!! After lunch the skys cleared, it warmed up to mid 60s which felt tropical compared to the morning, and we rode out into the country side so the traffic was not bad! We road another 1 1/2 hours to a beautiful village outside Monterey, Mexico and finished off the day with Margaritas and an excellent dinner. After that we went to a toasty warm room and we are ready to get a good nights sleep. Tomorrow is a long day and we ride up into the Sierra Madre mountain range which is beautiful!!


Lots of snow going to Texas!

Delightful drive....
Our friend Kim and her BMW all excited to start our adventure ride.

All warm and ready to ride with no idea what was waiting for us!

Ready to ride with LOTS of rain..

Becky tucking in Kim and getting her ready to ride!

Kim & Becky

It is very difficult to sneak into Mexico with guard like this watching the entry way...
The "Three Amigos", Bonnie, Becky, and Kim

Our first nights stop, a small village just outside Monterey, Mx.

Gotta love her! Still smiling and loving me after a long cold day of motorcycle riding!

A small Christmas fair in the village square.

Every town in Mexico has a beautiful church.

Off to explore the town.

Who say motorcycling has to always be tough.. After a long day it was Margarita time!

The town at night

Our hotel.. Very nice.

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