Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dear Family & Friends,

Another great day at Goodwood...  All I can say is I cannot figure out the weather here!! Yesterday was supposed to be cold so I dressed warm and I was to hot all day. Today was supposed to be warmer so of course it was very cold and I did not dress warm enough so I froze all day! But so much for the weather...
Duane and I really got into the mood of the event dressing in full period mechanics out fits.. We looked so official that people kept coming up to me all day asking for directions and event information......
Today was all action with lots of racing... Car racing, motorcycle racing, and even a special race for children in pedal cars! They start them young here.
My friend Aubrey's grand daughter was one of the racers in a pedal car Aubrey restored for her. She was so cute and full of enthusiasm. One of the funny points of the race was a bit of a log jam through the chicane where some the racers could not move and one young girls started to cry terribly. Someone said real racers don't cry when things go wrong, but I assured him they do. You just can't see it because of the full face helmets...
The feature race of the day was an all Ford GT race. They must of had 40+ Ford GTs there. I didn't even think they built that many!
Nothing sounds better than 40 full race V-8 motors when they take off...
They also had a terrific vintage motorcycle race featuring Norton ManxsAJSGoldstars, and MVs... A great looking and sounding event.
One thing the British definitely do better than us is pomp and ceremony.. Before each big race they has Royal Guards in full uniform playing brass bugles. And their grid women in costume are second to none. They alone are worth checking out my Blog photos.. I wish I could have taken more racing photos but the crowds today are massive and it was very hard to get close to the track....
Tomorrow we are off to Brighton for the Ace Cafe Brighton motorcycle run. That should be a great event. The Ace always does a first class job and Brighton is a beautiful old Victorian city right on the ocean.
After that we ride back to London and start preparing the motorcycles to be shipped home and we are off Tuesday to fly home.
It has really been a great adventure. Will send a report from Brighton tomorrow.
Me trying to look the part...

A team of experts,.,,,, not sure of what.

This field is the largest collection of private planes and corporate jets and  helicopters I have ever seen. There are celebrities and wealthy enthusiast from all over the world here. I was told they sold 150,000 tickets to this event!

There is a lot to be said for classic style both in cars and women..

Our friends grand daughter getting some last minute race advice..
"don't pedal to hard coming out of the turns..."

A beautiful Buggati Type 35 GP motor..

The tension was high as these highly skilled racing drivers came out to do battle.

They even had a full Le Mans start where they had to run to their pedal cars, get in , and then start pedaling. At least they don't have to worry about starting them..

Look at that intense concentration..

The terrible incident that caused one of the drivers to cry... :(

Even the motorcycle racers had to do a LeMans start.

They had a great tribute to Jimmy Clark and had one of every car he ever raced on the track at the same time..

Notice the Lotus Elan beating the Porsche 356.....

I guess I should not feel bad about being cold when this poor girl had to spend the day walking around in this out fit..

Perfect formation..

Announcing the start of a race..

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