Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Day at the National Motorcycle Museum... for my gear head friends

Dear Family & Friends,

I give up trying to figure out the weather here!! Yesterday it was supposed to be clear and sunny and it was a monsoon rain all day. So last night I check the weather for where we are in Coventry and the weather prediction was a week of rain... bummer.
So this morning I got up to a sunny and blue sky!! Go figure..
Today we took it rather easy since staring tomorrow we have a VERY busy last week.. We got up late and had a leisurely breakfast and went for a short ride to the National Motorcycle Museum. If you are into British motorcycles this is by far the biggest and best collection of British motorcycles in the world!! Many old brands you probably have never heard of, experimental models that never made it into production, famous racing motorcycles, and one of almost every year and model of British motorcycles from the turn of the 20th century to today.. A great place.. 
Also I think we set a record as the farthest motorcycles ever to ride there! When we told the officials we rode motorcycle from California they were impressed!
Tomorrow starts a final drive of activities that will totally exhaust us by the time we get on the plane for home!

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