Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Playing Tourist...

Dear Family & Friends,

Today we took it easy.. Got our packing sorted it for our trip home next week and prepared for a wet ride down to Goodwood tomorrow.
We also went into London for a half a day and played tourist.
We toured Westminster Abbey. I have been there many times before but this time they had small free Ipod type devices that gave a narrated history of the place and I learned more about the Abbey and British history today than all my previous combined visits. Really fascinating..  More famous people buried there than any place else in the world.... Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Dickens, and of course lots of kings and queens.. Interesting how in the audio guide they acknowledged Charles Darwin as the scientist that created the "Theory" of evolution.. No one wants to call it a science or fact..
The street entertainment in London is so creative and fun you can just walk around and be entertained all day... I have posted some photos in my blog tonight.
After a long walk we went to my favourite Paella stand in London... Paella is one of my favourite foods and on a cold damp day it really hits the spot...
Tonight we were planning to go to the Ace Cafe for British Bike Night but it was just to cold and rainy so we passed and had a pleasant evening home with Aubrey and his family.
Tomorrow we have a two hour ride in probably rain down to the Goodwood Revival. If you like classic cars, classic air planes, classic clothes, and great fun this is a must see event. Starting tomorrow night I will post lots of photos. 
Not often do you see a man in an outdoor cafe with pet ferrets sleeping on him... :)

We hit Buckingham Palace just right to see the changing of the guard.

A new statue added to Parliament Square honoring Nelson Mandela.

Power and Privilege...Parking your new Jag in the middle of the street in front of  No.10 Downing St. Home of the prime minister of the UK!


A great illusion of floating in air...

It was great to meet Yoda in person..

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