Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Day at Warwick Castle and a Jaguar Show

A beautiful Castle and NO RAIN!!

A Sand Castle building contest at a castle..

This is how you raise well behaved children.. :)

Lord of the castle..

This door was so small even Duane had to duck!

13th century entertainment, probably wouldn't sell today...

They were not kidding!! A lot of very TALL steps so small my size 13 motorcycle boots would not fit on them so I had to climb them on my tip toes... A couple of times I thought we might need a heart defibulator...

This place was certainly not built for me..

A view from the castle of the city of Warwick..

Imagine fighting a war through these slits..

Duane living out his fantasy. These "guns" were more like small cannons. The shot was about 2" across!

Even the village outside the casted looked like a movie set.  These were not displays but actual active homes people live in.

I like this idea,, the lord just locked you in your office until all your work was done.

Feed me!! I am your Lord!

Any of my daughters want to get married in a castle? :)

The original "Body Word"..

I want to dress like this and have a portrait of me hanging in the house..

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Its good to be the King...

King Henry the 8th stayed here but not with all his wives at once..

If bed rooms could talk there would certainly be some fascinating tales coming from here...

No "Divorce" attorneys in these days...

Some "kid" photo bombing me...

This was an amazing buffet... When I asked the guide when lunch was he failed to see the humor..

A uniquely British sport of Peacock watching...

There just happened to be a very LARGE Jaguar show at the castle that day..

I promoted XKs Unlimited and handed out a few business cards so I am sure the IRS will allow me to write off this trip. ;)

Still one of my favorite sports cars of all time.. All sports cars should have separate fenders, lots of louvers, and a long bonnet..

Our motorcycle,,,, no wonder my motorcycle (on the left) feels so top heavy...

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