Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another day of Rain and Fun...Gen

Dear Family & Friends,

A bit of R&R before the big Goodwood weekend. Yesterday we rode from my friend Nick's house into London, (about a 20 minute ride) and were completely soaked by the time we got there... Weather can change so FAST here. A couple of weeks ago it was a hot summer and now it is cold and rainy.
We took the day to do laundry ( desperately needed) and to start sorting out our gear for shipping home, only a week away... With no particular plans my friend Aubrey said he had a couple of extra tickets to a big RM Classic Car Auction in London that night and did we want to go?? Of course! So we finished our chores and hoped on a bus, tube, and taxis and arrived at the auction about 4pm.
This was quite the fancy affair. As soon as you walk in they start offering you free champagne, beer, drinks, and food. And I mean really good gourmet food! Every time my champagne glass was half empty someone tried to fill it. I kept reminding them that I was NOT  a bidder so no matter how drunk they tried to get me I wasn't buying anything.
The assortment of cars were impressive but I must say the level of restoration and presentation in Europe does not hold a candle to the work done in the USA. There was not one Jaguar there that was restored nearly as well as XKs Unlimited does , but it did not seem to affect the prices and nice but not great Jaguar XK150 S Roadster with fees sold for $500,000! The classic car market is very strong. There are some people with way to much silly money to spend on cars..
At the show I ran into several friends I know and had a great evening socializing.. 
We met Vanessa and her husband Flavien ( Vanessa is Aubrey's daughter and in the classic car business) at the show and it was great to get caught up with them. I ran into Adam Rutter, the son of another UK friend of mine and we got all caught up on family news, and then I ran into Jeremy , my friends Aubrey's son. A great guy I always enjoy seeing. After the show we did one of my most important UK tradiitions. We drove over to the Hampstead neighborhood and had a delicious crepe made on the local crepe stand and sat outside in the cold night air and chatted. One of my favorite experiences... Later we went to his home and we visited with the rest of his charming famly..
What started out as a cold rainy chore filled day ended up being great fun!! Part of the traveling experience, you never know what is going to happen next.
Today it is off to spend the day in my favorite city, London! Jason
Genuine British weather...

Duane taking a nap on his motorcycle in the rain.. That is a dedicated rider.!!

The actual submarine car used in the James Bond movie, The Spy Who Loved Me!

Here is a half million dollar XK Jaguar!!

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