Saturday, October 15, 2022

To Durango Colorado and Beyond!

Dear Family & Friends,

Today we left Santa Fe, New Mexico and started riding towards Colorado and our final destination for the day of Durango, Co.

When we left Santa Fe we rode for about an hour through rolling hills, grass lands and some mesas. 

After we crossed the boarder into Colorado the geology started to change. We rode for about another hour through dramatic geological structures and formations.. As I saw them I imagined millions of years ago this area being a sea with dinosaurs wandering around it. I am sure there are lots of fossils in the rocks all around us that have amazing stories to tell if you know how to read them.

After that area we started to gain elevation as we worked our way into the Rockies. More water, more grass,  pine trees and forests. 

In the afternoon we arrived in Durango. An old mining town that is now a summer tourist stop and winter ski area. It certainly caters to the tourist with lots of shopping, good restaurants, and good bars with live music.

We walked around town a bit. That night was the hot air balloon festival and the town blocked off part of Main St and inflated the balloons and lit them up. They were tied to the ground so they didn’t rise very high but they were colorful.

We found a very old hotel with a classic old time bar and celebrated another good day with our evening gin and tonic then out to dinner.

All and all a good day.

Tomorrow the weather is a bit iffy but if we can get an early start and get ahead of the incoming storm we will ride an hour or so to Silverton (another old mining town a bit more rustic) for breakfast and a bit of exploring and then figure out what’s next!


PS: One more thing. Tonight I experienced instant Karma. I did a no no and ate french fries with my dinner. I normally do not eat them! After dinner we took a trolley back to our hotels. Tonight Brian and I are staying in different hotels. The driver did not listen to me when I told him where I needed to get off so he let me off with Brian. Then I had a 15 block walk back to my motel! Serves me right.. At least I burned off most of the french fry calories?

I am pretty sure we are the oldest motorcyclist in the state right now on a long distance ride. So far we have covered about 3000+ miles. Not bad for a couple of mid 70s old men..

The amazing stories locked away in these rock formations.

I have to take a picture of my motorcycle now and then to keep proving I rode here! Notice how light I pack? ;)

If you look carefully the rock formations look like faces.

A naturally formed ampatheater.

The views as we gain elevation and climb into the Rockies mountain range.

We stopped for coffee and just to show I am trying to eat healthier I ordered some blue berry's with my coffee. I can't help if if the shop wrapped a muffin around my berries!!
Arriving in the Historic section of Durango.

Love the old buildings.


Inside one of the bar/restaurant we went to for dinner.

This is the first bar we hit for a G&T. Built in the late 1800s.

Celebrating another fun and successful day!

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