Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Making Our Way to Alabama

Dear Family and Friends,

This morning we had a relaxing breakfast with my daughter Jessica. It was so good to visit her even if for a short time. Unfortunately she had to go to work,,, work?? What’s that? I like retirement.

So we loaded up our motorcycles and set our GPS to Cullman, Alabama. It is a small city close to Birmingham which we plan to be at all weekend as we attend the Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival.

We set the GPS for no freeways or highways so we explored more of the back woods of Tennessee and Alabama. As we left Nashville just south of downtown we were in the country side which was full of fabulous estates! Obviously the Beverly Hills of Tn. The nice thing about country homes here, no matter how big or small, they are all on acreage. From one to several acres. There is no fencing around the property and little or no landscaping. Just beautiful mowed natural lawns and native trees. As it should be.

About mid day we wanted to stop for a coffee. Once you get out of the big cities there are are NO coffee shops and even very few dinners. Once in a while we would see a McDonalds so that was our go to coffee source.

What they lack in coffee shops they make up with an abundance of gun shops and bails bondsmen. I guess they kind of go together? We passed one gun shop that was having a terrific sale, a free bible with the purchase of a gun… An odd combination.

We finally made it to Cullman mid afternoon. It is a small city divided into two parts, old town and new town. New town looks like any other city with the usual Walmart's and Taco Bell. They do have a chain here called JACKS.. There logo is a big red round circle with JACKS written in the same script as Jack in the Box but it is southern food. Biscuits and gravy, grits, etc.

After sitting on the bikes all day it felt good to walk a couple of miles. We wound up in old town and I let Brian pick where we were going to eat. I was really hoping for a good plain green salad but Brian made us go to a very good local BBQ joint. It looked like we were the only non-locals so we definitely didn’t talk politics here. The South is Trump land.

So that’s it for today. Tomorrow we ride about an hour to the Barber Motorsport Museum. One of the biggest car and motorcycle displays in the country. So guess what I will be blogging about tomorrow?

Good night from the Deep South


A typical Nashville Estate. Better own a BIG lawn mover. This one has more landscaping than most.

Then right down the road more modest homes.

On to the back roads. Great motorcycling.

What a sale.!!!

We rode through an Amish district. These people were right on the main highway. For a moment I thought we were lost. I told Brian instead of going to Cullman, AL. we were going back in time!

Small town USA South.

Old Town Cullman, Al.

I had a meat combo of smoked chicken wings and pulled port with baked beans and lima beans. Please note the lima beans are GREEN!
The woman behind the bar gave me the strangest look when I ordered a glass of wine with my dinner. I think the norm down here is been or whisky... ;)

Brian ate healthy, smoked chicken, baked beans, and a green salad.

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