Monday, October 17, 2022

Riding the Vast Landscape of Northern Utah and the Colorado River.

Dear Family & Friends,

It appears we are approaching the end of our epic adventure. Last night we were in Grand Junction, CO. and we were discussing what to do next. From G.J. to home is a LOT of desert and not many  interesting parts like Death Valley that we haven't seen many times before. Then a friend messaged me that we need to ride Utah State Highway 128.

Since it was on our way towards home we decided to take the detour.

At first it was a rough road with lots of pot holes but then we reached  the main part of 128 and what a great surprise!  

The landscape kept getting more and more dramatic with endless geological formations that made you feel you where on another planet. Some places so desolate you certainly didn’t want to break down. There was one spot I took a quick vide to show you that I have finally found the proverbial “Middle of no where!”. Check it out.

The Middle of No Where!

From there the road dropped down into a huge canyon carved by the Colorado river over millions and millions of years. I really expect a dinosaur to pop out of a cave. 

The road was great too with sweeping curves and elevation changes.  The road closely followed the Colorado river.  I took a video that I hope captures some of the very special beauty there:

Riding Along the Colorado River

After riding all morning we stopped in Moab, Utah and had a healthy salad for lunch and walked around a bit to explore the area. From there we rode another hour or so to the fabulous town of Blanding.  If you have never been there, don’t bother.. Nothing more than a stopping point but we have a nice cabin feeling motel room and it will offer a welcome rest. 

Tomorrow we head to St. George, Utah for a special event that I will reveal tomorrow.


Starting off on another fun day with great weather and surprises in store for us.

Amazing views where ever you look!

Here is another quick video with a panaramic view of this spot.

What's left of the Colorado River. This supplies water to most western states and Mexico. When we crossed the Rockies there wasn't much snow pack. I sure hope this drought ends soon or else....

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