Sunday, October 16, 2022

Riding the Million Dollar Highway Around the Rockies in Colorado

Dear Family & Friends,

Today was an amazingly good day! We were concerned that a rain storm heading our way would wash out the ride but rained last night and cleared by morning so we got a good early start.

Our plan was to ride the Million Dollar Highway. It winds it’s through the Colorado Rockies and passes through quaint old mining towns.

So off we went. We had to pass over the top of the Rockies to get to our first stop, Silverton. As we approached the high altitude we were actually riding above the snow line! The road was wet and the temperature dropped to 34 degrees, close to freezing. I have an ice warning light on my motorcycle and it came on so we slowed way down and tip toed over the pass. As we came down the other side it started to warm up and it got to an enjoyable balmy 45 degrees. Thank goodness for electrically warmed riding gear!

After an hour of that we came to Silverton. A mining town founded around 1880. They mine gold, silver, tin, copper, and several other minerals there and still mine to this day. Billions and billions of dollars worth of ore has been removed from the hills around there.

By now we were hungry so we went to a quaint cafe. If was full with only one waiter running his tail off.  Seems no one can find staff right now. I ordered the challenge breakfast, three eggs, five strips of bacon, and a 15” diameter pancake. If you eat it all breakfast is free. First of all I am not sure how this is possible but the menu showed my breakfast had less calories than Brian’s much smaller breakfast. Even so I split the pancake with Brian and still could not finish the meal, but it was fun trying and it was delicous! 

It did keep me going for the rest of the day.

From Silverton we road to Ouray another mining town. Very quaint. From there we continued on to Telluride where we stopped for coffee.

This town has a very special memory for me. Bonnie and I honey mooned there (back in our skiing days) and had an amazing week. Little did I know how amazing the next 35+ years together would be!

From there we rode down the mountain to the Colorado high desert area, not nearly as pretty and made it to Grand Junction tonight where we will relax. 

Tomorrow who knows where to next!



A cold and damp morning ride, but fun none the less! We rode over those snow capped mountains.

Photo proof I rode there.. ;)

Our trusty steeds. Great motorcycles. So far this trip we have ridden about 3500 miles, with no problems knock on wood.

Water falls, creeks, rivers, and lakes where ever we look.

If you like twisty roads (as we do) there is some great riding here!

Welcome to Silverton.

Some Rocky Mountain wisdom.

How could the above have more calories than below????

After Silverton it was back to riding over another mountain to get to the next town.

By the time we got to Teluride the temperature actually got up to the 50s!

Spectacular views where every you look.

Now the leaves are really starting to turn colors adding to the beauty here.

The town is surrounded by towering peaks.

Some interesting sidewalk art.

Statues in front of the local theater.

They hunt werewolves here and stuff them when they catch one. I was told there are quite a few in the area.

Off to Grand Junction, Co and 
more adventures tomorrow.!

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