Tuesday, October 4, 2022

 Dear Family and Friends,

Here is a quick blog for tonight since I am too tired to do much more…

Today we left North Carolina and rode across Tennessee.

To leave Robinsville we actually had to ride back over the Tail of the Dragon which was fun and the weather was great. As we entered Tennessee we set or GPS to avoid all major roads so we wandered along on all back roads seeing the rural parts of Tennessee. It is an incredibly beautiful state. Here are my observations:

-It is incredibly green. There is literally no bare exposed earth there. The ground is completely covered by lush grass and forests..

-There is absolutely no shortage of water. Creeks, streams, and lakes everywhere!

-The small towns are quaint and quite rural. We passed old shacks which I kept expecting to see two old men on the porch with dueling banjos.

-The diversity of wealth is dramatic. Poor shacks and then giant mansions that look like something from the plantation era.

-When you get out of the big cities on the south it really feels different. The accents are much thicker. The women are always saying, “Darling”, “Sweet Jesus”, and “Amen” in almost every sentence.. 

-Speaking of the women, the women in the very rural parts tend to look very similar.. Looks like they have been marrying their siblings or cousins a few too many generations.

-If there is ever a national steel shortage all they have to do is go through the rural south and collect all the rusted and crashed cars laying around.

-Speaking of crashes we passed a drive through bike bar.! What could go wrong drinking and riding a motorcycle??!!?

-In one very very small poor rural village there was one new modern building. Not too big but very nice. It was a soft ware company! I guess some computer engineer wants to live the rural life style.

One last comment about the south.. The food here is amazingly unhealthy!! It is like they went through the AMA list of unhealthy food and said "let's eat it!" We actually had FRIED CHEESE CAKE! See below for more bad eating habits.

We ended up tonight in Nashville where we enjoyed an evening out with my daughter Jessica who lives here. It was so great to see her! She took us to a good bar where I had two strong gin and tonics 

( glad she was driving) and then went to a great pork BBQ joint!

Tomorrow we head south a few hours towards Birmingham for the Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival!


Great Southern BBQ Pork in Nashville!

Great Southern BBQ Pork in Nashville!

Some great ribs!

My lovely daughter Jessica. I am very proud of her! Smart, hard working, caring, and funny! A good looker too. I sure love her. :)

We have been staying in "low rent" hotels. Not sure I would go swimming in this pool. At least the rooms were clean.

Some Southern "Wisdom".

Just so you know I do eat salads!! ;)

A beautiful day for riding!

Fried Cheese Cake.. Can't get any more unhealthy than this??

A traditional southern meal, chicken, potato salad, and FRIED corn.

Rural Tennessee is stunningly beautiful but look at these photos to see the dramatic difference in homes in the country.

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