Monday, September 5, 2016

The First Day of our BIG European 2016 MC Ride!! :)

Dear Family & Friends,
Today another adventure begins! We have arrived in London and soon will depart on a 8 week ride around Europe.
Before I get into the details of the trip I hope you will indulge me with a few minutes of reflection…
I know I am a very lucky man to be in position to experience these great adventures.. I I have been fortunate enough to be able to afford it. I guess that comes with 43 years of hard work.
I am fortunate enough to have good family genes and amazingly good health for my age.. I recently turned 66 and never dreamed I would be doing these kind of trips at this age.. I do have to say a special thanks to Dr. Shaban and her staff who 4 months ago when I wasn’t feeling so good informed me my blood had turned to sludge and I needed to take better care of myself. Since then I have lost almost 45 pounds and this is the first birthday in many years where I actually felt younger!  No aches, no pains, and far more energy plus going down three sizes in pants makes me feel better too.. 
I also have to say thanks to the staff at XKs Unlimited. Many of them have been working for me for 20-30 years and that is no easy task! I have learned to let go and let them run the show and they are doing a tremendous job! People ask me how I can go away for so long when I own a business and I just tell them I have great people working for me.. Thank you so much!
Finally of course I have to thank my wife Bonnie! There are few wives that would as supportive as Bonnie has been through our almost 30 years of marriage. Wether it was support to our family giving everyone her time, energy, and love.  Being supportive of my efforts in our business. No matter what idea I would want to try she never questioned me, only helped work to make it happen. And finally supportive of my crazy life passions weather it is car racing, collecting vintage cars and motorcycles or riding my motorcycle all over the world she has always been 100% supportive. No matter what idea or fantasy I come up with (unless it is too kinky) she is there to make it happen or support me in my efforts. I am one lucky man.!!
So now down to the trip. Today we arrived in London. A very easy flight. Virgin offers great service. We had strong tail winds so we arrived in London an hour ahead of of schedule…. only to be forced to circle the airport for 45 minutes since there was no place to land… :(
One of my oldest friends, Aubrey Finburgh picked us up at the airport and took us to the shed where he was storing our bikes. We got the bikes running and rode over to Aubrey’s shop, Classic Auto. If you ever get to North London you must go see his shop. It is where true old world craftsmanship still lives. They make hand formed aluminum bodies for classic races cars as well as other restoration services.. I have seen them recreate famous and rare cars for just a photograph.
After the shop we went to Aubrey’s home and got caught up on news and family. Tonight I have major jet lag so the mind is working rather slowly so please forgive me if there are a few more spelling mistakes than normal….
Tomorrow we have a day of R&R and then it is off to the GOODWOOD REVIVAL, an amazing vintage car, motorcycle, aircraft, and fashion event.


The start of Jason & Duane's excellent adventure.. 

For my wife, the mosaic artist, the bathroom at the Virgin lounge in LAX. One big mosaic!

Arrival at Classic Auto and from Lh to Rh, Mark (Aubrey's brother) Aubrey, Nick, (Aubrey's son and the new brains of the  operation) and Duane.

A very rare vintage race car being restored from the frame up.

A new alloy body taking shape for a C Type Jaguar.

Our trusty steads ready to mount and take us on another adventure!

Some of these parts have been hanging from the ceiling for the almost 40 years I have known Aubrey.. Not fast movers.

An AC Bristol motor getting a complete overhaul in the Classic Auto engine shop.

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