Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bonjour de la Côte d'Azur

I don’t even know what day it is anymore.. ;)

Dear Family & Friends,

Today was another PERFECT day.. We got up and had a leisurely start to the day. The weather was great and the ride was quick and easy. Two hours and we arrived in Nice, France. I have to say it was a perfect navigation day too, no wrong turns and stopped directly in front of our hotel.!
Nice is located on the south coast of France and is known as the French Riviera. One of the most beautiful cities in the world.
Since we had most of the day to explore the city we immediately went to the roof of the hotel where they have a bar and pool and started with a mid day glass of wine. I should not drink wine on an empty stomach.. I do not hold my alcohol well. After only one glass of wine it was time for nap.. So I went to my room and promptly fell a sleep. A few minutes later Kim knocked on my door and I yelled out to come in. I quickly jumped up to greet her as she opened the door, big mistake… First I was a bit tipsy from the wine, second since I have lost so much weight my blood pressure is very low..  The last think I remember was jumping up, then Kim yelling and helping be back up. I have never passed out in my life but I went completely blank.. I think it scared Kim more than me.. All I did was land hard on my butt and immediately came to. Tonight I am a bit sore on the bottom but no big damage.. Lesson learned today. Don't drink on an empty stomach, don't jump up from a laying position, and definitely don't do any of this on a motorcycle!! ;)
Around 5pm we went out to explore the city. First we went to the Old Town section. Lots of shops where I was able to add  to my motorcycle sticker collection and a couple of new refrigerator magnets. Pretty soon I am going to have to just buy old refrigerators for their doors. With all this shopping it was time for a drink so we went to an out door cafe and had a snack and something to drink. The table next to us had these colorful, refreshing drinks so Kim and I ordered them. I asked the waiter what they were and it turns out they were a traditional French drink call “Sex on the Beach”… After that we walked down to the beach.. A beautiful sun set awaited us along with a few topless women.. Did I mention that is the norm here?? There seems to be an abundance of gorgeous women here. I think they come here either looking for a rich husband or brought here by their rich boyfriend or husband.. The competition is fierce here.
When we rode into town we rode along the exact spot that the terrorist attacked happened recently. When we walked along the boardwalk that night there were two large spots dedicated to all the people that died that day. What a useless tragedy.
After the beach we walked into old town and of course it was beautiful. When it was time for dinner. I had the best spaghetti and eggplant.( and of course a glass of red French wine. My doctor friend Bern has told me to get any medicinal benefits from red wine you need to drink two bottles a day,,,, so I am working on it)  The spaghetti was so good I could ALMOST be a vegetarian…
I spent a while wandering around the area taking photos so look in my blog to see what Nice looks like. I was to lazy to take my Nikon tonight (maybe to drunk?) but the I phone photos are bad.
Tomorrow it is lunch in Monaco and then off to Lake Como. Have I mentioned how tough motorcycling is???


The RED line on the map is our approximate route so far. About 2500 miles.

I believe when traveling in a foreign culture you have to respect their customs no matter how shocking. So I am just respecting.

The view from the roof of our hotel.

This was funny.. Kim was trying to take a photo of Duane and me and this waitress just wanted to be in the photo no matter what.! :)

I like this French drink, Sex on the Beach...

Out door cafes everywhere.

She kept appearing...

Duane is not secure in his masculinity so he is afraid to pose to near me.. ;)

Linda, this photo is for you so you know Duane is wearing his sling... You will be relieved to know his injured arm has not impaired his ability to lift a glass or two..

I would LOVE that apartment..

Here is the spot of the terrorist attach recently. Very sad all the violence and hate in the world right now.

Bonnie, do you think this statue looks like me from the rear?? I hope so.. ;)

I think that is me or at least a close relative??

This girl had a great sense of humor. Her boy friend was laying the ground and taking a photo of her at such an angle she looked like she was holding the statues you know what.. ;)

One of the best spaghettis I have ever had.. Eggplant,,, yummy :)
There goes the low carb diet tonight.. :(

Did I mention we have been drinking a lot of wine?? I sure hope there is some health benefit to it.

This was the menu at the restaurant we ate at. I have never seen shrimp served that way. Must be a French thing.

Our noble steeds resting on the side walk of Nice. I got a few more great stickers for it.

More of the memorial to the slain.

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