Monday, October 13, 2014

Off to Europe on Another Adventure with the Love of my Life!

A LAX waiting to board our flight to London and then Milan...
Dear Family & Friends,

I am off on another adventure. This time it does not include a motorcycle but better yet it includes the love of my life, my wife Bonnie!
This is our first big trip without kids in 27 years of marriage! The last time we planned to get away I tore my Achilles tending the week before and we had to cancel it!
This time we have made it off safe and sound and I am very excited for the adventure that lies ahead. Four weeks in Europe. I absolutely love Europe and this time we are seeing many places I have  never been before.. On top of that I have been honing my photography skills so I hope to blog and post better photos this time.
Our first stop tomorrow will be Milan, Italy…  15+ years ago we had an amazing young girl come live with us from Milan as an exchange student. We absolutely fell in love with her. Bright, vivacious, and a great cook, and the ONLY woman ever to live in my house that got excited to get up early Sunday morning with me and watch Formula 1 racing!!! She screamed and cheer as passionately for Ferrari as Bonnie does for American Football! She is probably the only woman I know that knows exactly who Valentino Rossi is and what he does…..
She was also a terrific cook and loved to eat almost as much as I do. After a year with us she returned to Italy with 20 extra California pounds..!! Luckily once she got away from me she immediately lost it.
Anyways one of the benefits of having an Italian living with us was the wonder pasta dishes she used to cook for us! To die for… 
Over the years since she has lived with us we have seen her many times. When she would come to London or California to visit us and each time she would bring us wonderful Italian treats, one of the best was fresh Parmesan cheese, big blocks of it. WONDERFUL!!
That is why I was totally amazed when knowing we were coming to see her she asked us to bring her boxed Kraft Mac & Cheese….. go figure. ? :)
So this week we will be staying with her, and her mom at her mom’s house near Milan… When we first met she was a 15 year old exchange student, today she is an accomplished adult in her 30s expecting her first child! Bonnie and I are so happy for her.
So expect lots more reports. This trip will not feature motorcycles or much in the way of car related interest but lots of sights, food, and culture.
Hope you enjoy it!


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