Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ciao from Venice!

Dear Family & Friends,

Saturday we sadly left our old and new friends in Milan and headed to Venice…. You may have heard that the Italians have a bit of a problem keeping the trains on time? Well we had a two hour train ride from Milan to Venice and we boarded right on time and still managed to be two hours late arriving in Venice! How do you make a two hour trip into four???
Saturday night we arrived in Venice tired but excited and met Bonnie’s sister and her husband there. They are now joining us for three days in Venice and then 12 days on our Mediterranean cruise…
We went out to dinner and walked around Venice on a warm picture perfect night.. Venice is so magical it almost looks like a movie set!
After a good meal, some wonderful Italian wine, and an evening walk we settled in for a good nights sleep.
The next morning I go up bright and early…. well 10:30am. Love the jet lag. I normally never sleep 10 hours, but here it is easy.
We took a water taxi over the Saint Marks Square and walked around endlessly and toured the Palace of Venice. All I can say is it is good to be the king.
One of the rooms in the palace gave me the inspiration for my next garage addition 
What do you think? Does it work or is it a bit over the top?

After a few hours at St. Marks we started to walk back wandering through many. many muses and paths taking in the city. I loved it, so much to see and photograph.
The city is so amazing I took a LOT of photos. Go to my blog to really see Venice, the best I could photograph it… I know I am no expert by any means but I took a class from a friend that is a professional photographer ( Check Jennings) and I think I am starting to see improvements. In just one class I learned so much about all the buttons and adjustments all over my camera that it is far more exciting to use. 
I also learned how to erase unwanted images on my photos so some of the scenes in the palace are not that empty, I just did a lot of erasing….
There is so much to tell and show please go to my blog for many more stories and photos… I hope after you see my stories and photos you will get a bit of the Venice experience!


“Creative writing unrestrained by Daniel Webster”!

The Krumholz sisters!

Can it look any more Venice that this??

This is some of the local wildlife... IT is amazing how tame they are. Taking her photo didn't scare her one bit... She even seemed to enjoy it!

These photos are St. Marks Sq. and Palace. Absolutely stunning where ever you look!

Happy, happy, happy...

Nice palace,,,, it is good to be the king..

This is my plan for retirement, to lay around half naked and be pampered from head to toe..

This is from the map room of the palace. Judging by the drawing they really had no idea where California was!

This guy's painting are EVERYWHERE in Italy!!

This is a very famous king from around 1500AC. Notice the wires coming from his ears? His name was Emperor Ipodeaous.. He actually invented portable music players in 1515! His hid his invention in the catacombs of Venice where they stayed for almost 450 years when in the 1930s an archeologist named Indian Jones discovered them. Unfortunately when he brought them back to the USA the government took them and hid them in a secret warehouse until the 1980s when Steve Jobs found them... Now you know the true story of the I-pod.

The Royal Chamber..its hard not to feel important when you are sitting at the head of the room here.

Amazing and beautiful had made guns. Even though they look the same they were all hand made and the parts were not interchangeable... I am not sure how accurate they were too..

My next garage / play room.

This is a living city, not just for display and people live and go about their daily business here.

An old man looking out over the city from his apartment. For him this is not a magical tourist town, it is just home. Lucky man!!

One this you start to notice about Venice is that there are NO cars, motorcycles, or bicycles. It if moves it either walks or rides in a boat.. Walking everywhere really makes you appreciate the city and feel more apart of it. A wonderful way to live.

A really classic Casino. We went into the ground floor but we could not go into the second story Casino without a jacket and tie... I would have loved to dress up and walk in there and just say.... "The name is Bond, James Bond."..

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