Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Monterey Car Week, Tuesday Aug. 11,2014

Today was my first full day of car activities.. From 8am to 8pm what an exhausting day!! I never new having fun could be so much work... I started off going to the Streets of Carmel Car Show. Before I could muster the energy to look at several hundred cars I went to one of the local cafes and had a hearty breakfast. Only in Carmel would you find a Singer Porsche parked on the street in front of the cafe. In fact I saw several of these custom Porsches..

This event started a few years ago and it has grown to be a major first class show. They block off all the main streets in downtown Carmel and fill them with an amazing selection of classic sports cars, race cars, hot rods, you name it. This year the Porsche enthusiasts were out in force. About a third of the show was either 356 Porsches or Gruppe R cars.. I ran into a few of my Porsche friends from SLO...

Only in Carmel during Car Week do you see a Singer Porsche parked on the street, almost common.

Who doesn't drive a Lister Corvette to breakfast? This wasn't in the show, just a driver....

Lots of racing Porsches.

Beautiful old MG..

One of only TWO Jaguars at the show... :( This is actually an original Jaguar color for an XK120..

My attempt at composition. It was so hard to take really good photos due to the hugh crowds!!

Not often you see someone drive into town in a Porsche 917... In fact the last time I saw this was at a friends wedding in France!

The obligatory classic Ferraris....

A whole street dedicated to Hot Rods...

Some serious race cars showed up too..

A very rare factory Ferrari Dayton race car...

Even a Cadillac presidential limo..  This car was volumetrically equivalent to at least 20 modern cars...

No it is NOT A REPLICA!!

A whole collection of Woodies arriving...

Even a few classic motorcycles..

Still one of my all time favorite Ferraris.. the 275GTB

This is a "What The Hell Is It" car...

Not everyone was excited to be here..

Here was a beautiful Gruppe R Porsche built by a friend of mine, Bill Casella.  My shop did the paint job on it so I hope he wins!!  www.xksmotorsport.com

Even the local stores get into the car theme this week..

And of course you need "Car Wine"...:)

Carmel charm at its best....

Why wouldn't you drive a Porsche 906 to a car show??

This was the rarest car in the show owed by a friend of mine in SLO.. I think they built 12 of these... Who wouldn't lust for a Romesh???

One of the all time great looking sports cars of the 1960s, a Toyota GT.... built by Yamaha, but who didn't know that?

The only other classic Jaguar I saw in the show, a very nice XK120 DHC.

The my favorite car in Carmel, the Twin Turbo B.D.P.......;)

The next event of the day was at the Ebassey Suites and it was huge vendor hall of classic car  books, posters, badges, clothing, you name it..

My friend Mike Pierce from Pierce Manifolds. The world wide expert in Weber carbs. Here is totally enthralled with my "Useless Box" .... you have to see it to understand it..

Car books and magazines anyone??

Car models galore..

Vintage clothing..

Badges, lots and lots of stinking badges...

Lots of original car art.

Next stop was a winery up Carmel Valley where Classic Motorsport Magazine was putting on an early evening welcoming party. This was their first year doing this event and they were concerned if people would come... The placed was packed!! Next year they will need a bigger location. With all the events every day for a week here you would think you would run out of people to attend but they keep coming. It was a nice party at a very nice winery so I left "refreshed"..

My Twin Turbo BDP... I had to take the long way home over a very twisty mountain pass. Just a PEFECT road for this car.. The more I drive it the more I love it... I am definitely a Turbo man, I enjoy a lot of thrust.... :)

What everyone needs, a large wine cellar to store your classic cars in...

After a LONG day of car activity I headed down to Monterey's Fisherman's Wharf and enjoyed a good Italian seafood dinner and another glass of wine...

Now it is bed time. I need my rest because tomorrow there are even more events to go too including the famous Monterey Jet Hanger party. I have never been before but from what I hear it is the who's who of the collector car world...


  1. What a day you had! I’m just amazed on how the organizers came up to this kind of event. They don’t even have to lease a venue to hold the car show and accommodate cars and participants. Downtown seemed the perfect place to show those models off! Cheers!

    Rhonda Burgess @ Bob Dunn Hyundai

  2. Those cars are stunning! I bet many people dream of owning one of those. I'm sure that you had a great time being in that car week event. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience, Jason. All the best to you!

    Diana Hayes @ Baldwin Subaru


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