Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Monterey Car Week,Wednesday, more cars, cars, cars, parties, and trophy wives....

The first event I went to Wednesday was an informal car show at the Carmel Mission. Every year they add more and more shows and you wold think there would not be enough cars to go around but everyone fills up with great cars!

The Carmel Mission is a great location for a show..

This amazing car is called The Beastioni.. It was built by master restorer Gary Wales. He takes antique fire truck chassises and re-bodies them with the amazing style. All custom.

The obligatory Ferraris... This week you have to have something far more special than a road Ferrari to stand out...

Finally a great classic Jaguar.... XK120 DHC.

This is the new Morgan 3W Brookland addition and the lovely young lady is Bill Jo, the manager and brains  behind the west coast Morgan dealer, Morgans West. Every successful shop has a smart woman running the details.. I have Colleen in our shop, could not do it without her.

I knew the Knights of Columbus existed but I never seen on in person.. Here is one in full dress.!!

A brand new targa Porsche.. Very good looking, much better than the earlier versions..

If you have a spare $2,000,000 they will make you one of these...

This is an EXTREMELY rare Jaguar. This is an XKSS. Jaguar only built 16 of them. They were basically road going versions of the famous D Type racing Jaguar.  These are very valuable but this one is almost priceless since it was original owned by Steve McQueen.  I can attest to this since when I will was a kid in LA I used to see him driving it around near where I lived.....

Very dapper and this guy was about 6ft 7". Very imposing..

Even a few classic motorcycles...

My attempt at an artistic photo....

A wicked looking new Jaguar XFR.

Here are two state of the art sports cars separated by 50 years... Amazing how far cars have come.

Yes it is real!!

My next event today was The Small Car Show. I thought they meant just a few cars, but there were LOTS of cars, all very small.. 2 liters or less, most much less... Fun to see.
I felt like I was in Toon Town... (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)

I didn't know weather to photograph it or spray it with Raid...??

People must have been smaller back then.. I could never fit in this car..

One of my all time favorites. This is an MG TC and I fell in love with my neighbors car when I was 13 and it lead me into my life long passion for cars and into the business I have done for the last 42 years...

When I was younger my roller skates were bigger than this car!

Where's Toon Town???

What small car show would be complete without Minis??

A beautiful Parrot display. A bit of everything..

The famous Morris Minor. The first British car to sell over a million! Trivia is my forte..

How to properly display an MG!

Not part of the show, just parked somewhere. One of my favorite cars...

You never know what you are going to see in any parking lot during Monterey Car Week..

Man does not live on cars alone. This is tough work so I need to refresh and keep myself hydrated!
 My next stop was Wednesday evening. I went to the McCall Jet Hanger Party. This event has been going one for years but I have never been to it. At $325 per ticket there is a good reason why. This year I bit the bullet and bought a ticket. I thought I would check it out and see if this was a good place to market XKs Unlimited. Quite frankly there is nothing we offer that is expensive enough! Everything in the hanger started at a half million dollars and went up to many multiples of millions. I would be embarrassed to sell them a $200,000 restoration.... An amazing evening none the less.
When I arrived at the party my Turbo got me into the VIP parking area... :)

The parking lot was an amazing show or fancy cars..

This is proof that money cannot buy good taste or class!

Waiting to enter the Jet Center..

Add caption

I am sure this man was very happy to bring his daughter to the event, right?? Either that or it is true love. Don't be so callus to think money has anything to do with this pair..

Multi million dollar sports cars and trophy wives everywhere. Which one is more expensive to maintain??

One of my all time favorite air planes... A WWII P51!!

This car is expected to sell this weekend for close to $20,000,000 and it will not be the most expensive by far. One car is expected to bring $75,000,000!!!!

Singer Design had their re-engineering 911s on display. It takes a lot to impress me and I must say they do some of the best work I have ever seen, both design, engineering, and workmanship!

Finally an E Type!! And it has lots of XKs Unlimited parts on it!! 

This hot rod was about the size of a large school bus!! Very impressive.

The car bellow was actually street licensed!!
 A million dollar plus Maserati. If you need to get to the market quickly this will get you there at 200mph+

If you want a custom multi million dollar yacht built for you this is the company you need to talk to

Above and below is a prototype Mercedes Benz..

This old Corvette was powered by a 1000hp+ jet engine! Very loud when he fired it up!

This is the worlds fastest car, 270+mph. I think the local CHP were scope it out...

Need a one of a kind jet? You can buy one here..

This man drove his classic Bugatti to the event. This car is worth at least $15,000,000 so you don't want to have a fender bender with it... Your insurance might go up...

Here is the MAN!! Dan Gurney, one of the greatest American racing drivers of all time!!

Everyone needs a jet engine under the hood..

One of the most expensive things at the show....

GREAT looking plane!!!

Love the look of a big radial motor...

More reports tomorrow...

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