Thursday, March 13, 2014

Time to Make Payment to the Adventure Gods...

Dear Family & Friends,

Today was the day we paid our sacrifices to the Adventure Gods.!!  Today was a LONG difficult day. We only rode 145 miles but it took us close to 10 hours! Very difficult terrain.... 
The dirt roads we rode on were cut in the 19th and 20th centuries and many of them are in very poor condition and very steep and slippery. We had lots of crashes today. Many broken mirrors, bent handle bars, dented tanks, bruises and scrapes, a sore shoulder, a few broken ribs and a lot of damaged egos..!!
I rode the whole day with no problems at all. I would like to think my many years of dirt bike racing helped me out, but it was probably dumb luck....
Not only did we have crashes we got lost a couple of times and worst of all we missed our lunch!! By 3pm we were all tired, hot, hungry and had run out of water and close to running out of fuel..... not good.
We eventually figured out where we were and rode about another hour over another mountain range. When we suddenly came out of the canyon onto a pave road we were all so excited!! Now some of the riders desperately needed fuel. Luckily we found a station about 5 miles down the road. We topped up our tanks, drank lots of water, and some of us even had our photos taken with the local law enforcement wearing military uniforms, face masks and carrying machine guns.. Very welcoming...
Now we  were all smiles knowing the hotel was only about 45 minutes down the PAVED road!!
A wise man (Duane Lieb) once told me the difference between adversity and adventure is attitude. I really enjoyed it all. The physical and metal challenge of it all was very rewarding..
Tonight we checked into a first class hotel with a pool, electricity, TV, and internet.. We checked in and here I am enjoying a margaritta and the internet..
Now  you are totally up to date with all my travels.

Motorcyclist have to be creative. This rider burned out his charging system so he strapped a car battery tot he back and rode all day on it...

Our hotel full of motorcyclist. We met many other riders from the US riding in the ares staying here.

A road side chappel

It is ironic that the Mexican truckers violate every known rule for safety yet build these beautiful road side chapels so they can stop each day to pray for a safe trip. .. That is faith.

This is how a GS BMW should look, DIRTY!!

According to the GPS this was SUPPOSED to be a town, no lunch today and we are now lost...

A beautiful ancient abandoned church at the bottom of the canyon.

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